Darker Channel – Kubo Tite

Next to Kishimoto, the most ridiculous manga writer ever. Where’s Kubo, there’s lulz. Noone knows if he creates all this bullshit just because he doesn’t have any ideas how to finish Bleach and he improvises (‘Lost‘ creators been there done that) or simply he cares as much to draw it as we do to read it. Either way, the meme is all about photoshopping his what-the-hell-did-he-want-to-express-there face. You got to admit, he looks almost cool and mighty. Well, nice try, Kubo.

Here’s the infamous face, posture and of course – glasses.

1. Kubo is a cool guy, he does magic and shit.

2. Wow. Popular much?

3. Disturbing… And NSFW. 

4. Elegant.

5. That’s not a Yui-blob face I wished for.

6. Two homosexually sparkling Stars.

7. Wha..

8. Way to go, Hoshi-san!

9. Gossip girls.

10. Kubo’d.

Sorry if you found these pictures disturbing as much as I did, but seriously, they can give quite a laugh. That face says just so damn much. Probably too much, as it just won’t stop appearing everywhere.

Phew, finally had some spare time to blog and went for Kubo, now I have bad aftertaste. Tch!

7 comments on “Darker Channel – Kubo Tite

  1. I was expecting an analysis on Kubo’s trolling style, but was instead trolled by the post. In that sense, there’s no perfecter way to write a post about Kubo.
    I’d also like to add that Kubo’s a linguistic genius – like, wherever does he get all that Spanish? Google translate? I’m saddened by how he learned of the word ‘deicide’ before I did.

    • Obvious troll post is obvious!

      Don’t think his trollface deserves to be analysed, especially that it’s a two-edged sword and he keeps stabbing himself.

      Wow, I didn’t know this word either.

  2. Actually Soul Society arc was the only good arc in whole Bleach.
    Story pre SS was simply boring/mediocre and everything afterwards is either stupid, repetitive or facepalmic*.
    I’m going to stick with CENSORED and Beelzebub.

    *yes, I had to create new word to express how bad it is.

    • Well yeah, just like Naruto.

      Beelzebub, wow that’s some serious shounen… I’ll stick to D.Gray-man, and just follow Naruto and Bleach for further Kishi/Kubo lulz.

      • Actually from what I see every so called serious shounen fails miserably and only those that are not serious at all are still fun to read/watch.

        Bleach and Naruto are funny not because they were supposed to be funny but because they were supposed to be serious, and yet in both cases story became so stupid that it doesn’t even make any sense whatsoever.

        Jesus Christ I almost got lost in all that crap I’ve written.

  3. Ah Kubo – if only he had the flare for stupidity that Kishimoto shows I’d enjoy taking the piss out of Bleach so much more. As it is I just yawn my way through chapters. Tis sad, Soul Society was actually good!

    • Well, if I were to compare Kubo and Kishi, the first one is going so damn random while Kishi knows what’s he writing, just doesn’t realise it’s incredibly dumb.

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