Angel Beats! – 「Thousand Enemies」

Here I’ve found the new song from fifth episode of Angel Beats! (Lisa – Thousand Enemies). I can’t guarantee it’s some kind of offical release in high quality, but it surely sounds like one.

7 comments on “Angel Beats! – 「Thousand Enemies」

  1. Agreed! K-ON!! is a music theme show where the hell is the music? Angel beats isn’t even about music and they have had what four or five actual concert scenes. Probably spend the animation budget on that fancy opening, 3d cake set them back maybe lol.

    • Guess Air/Clannad creators have much more in their pockets. Guess we can’t blame K-On!, it’s just Angel Beats! that’s really fast with showing new stuff. (Payoff for the plot full of holes?)

  2. True Angel beats is kind of blending a few shows together, with the no death thing it is a bit orginal and the Haruhi clone as the lead character I can see why people like Angel beats. But as for K-ON!! they have fun and cute characters, then again I never really ever expected much out of K-on more than a comedy/moe show anyway.

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