Darker Channel – Aizen’s Form

Lately Darker Channel is getting spammed(trolled) with bunch of Naruto/Bleach references, memes and stuff, as appearently creators of these just won’t let it go and keep giving fans more ridiculous bullshitness. Can we ignore it? No, can we make it into something funny? Hell yes.

So this time, in Bleach chapter 403 Aizen gets nuked and as a result we see his new, regenerating form(cocoon or whatever). Some of you could think ‘What the fuck is that‘ (Ichigoway) while others may think ‘Ink truly is expensive‘.  (As obviously Kubo dislikes backgrounds). So that’s the orginal face without eyes, and that’s what people made out of it:

1. Obviously, Kubo!

2. Mad happy face

3. Serious face

4. Disturbing face (REALLY disturbing)

5. Cool face

6. Excalibur face

7. Mutant face

8. My own creation! The Gendo Pose

Seriously Kubo, making such expressful faces took any creator of these above not more than 5 minutes, and you just leave it blank like that? But then again, the ink is expensive…

Kubo trollin’

Bleach 404



^ That one made me giggle.

Isn’t that awesome? First there’s no backgrounds, now there are no faces, what’s next!

4 comments on “Darker Channel – Aizen’s Form

  1. Well that’s great opportunity to drop this crap before he screws up Gin.
    With that said, I’m off since I’ve a feeling that my hand melted into my face cause of all those facepalms.
    At this rate I might get Aizen’s role if there’ll be Live Action movie.

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