Deformed Roy = Not cool

Latest Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was a really thrilling one with all that action, especially fight against Wrath, but there was also that hopeless, unnecessary fighting scene which ruined the whole experience.. Yes, I mean that one with Gold-Toothed Man in the middle drawing a circle for 1/3rd of the episode’s time. What’s the point to melee some randoms while the bad guy with obviously evil smile and intentions draws something on the ground.. Well, instead they TALK to him and let him do whatever he’s doing. Only Hawk tried to shoot him in the last second but seriously, kinda too late!

There were so many cool ways to show that fight.. That alchemist could make himself a defensive wall to protect from Roy or something, but why would he do that when Mustang appearently wants to punch one by one instead of snapping his fingers to start the burning inferno and take care of all the enemies at once?.. Not only that, but look what I’ve screenshotted during one short scene:

Random guy looks better than the most famous FMA character… What’s this I don’t even…

…. Pierrot took part in this episode? Please tell it did.

Wow, now he’s turning into Kirby. He’s so cute when he punches.

Yeah. Even in the fast pace while watching the episode I could see lots of that deformations going on, and now that I checked it, it’s even more ridiculous than expected. Still not Bleach-level, but for one of latest FMA episodes – I r disappoint.

Great episode nevertheless. \o/ + I’ve got one, last exam to take care of, then I’m damn free and will start writing again.

5 comments on “Deformed Roy = Not cool

  1. Lmao nice post, yes I agree this happens in almost every “fighting/Action” type of Anime countless main bosses get talked to by the main hero. Happens in bleach a lot talking to any of the boss characters to “convince” them to stop doing evil, it never ever works as for the fail animation they got lazy? but thats where they make DvD sales I guess Roy looks like he got stung by a bee and had a allergic reaction xD

  2. Now now, if you try to apply logic to the action genre reality will crumble around you.

    And meh, it’s been *cough*Crescent Love*cough* worse in the past. I can take a bit of Kirby Mustang.

    • Atleast little bit of it, I mean usually it makes some sense, I didn’t mention drawing alchemy circles in 1s or stuff like that, but Roy not using the fire = retarded!

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