Catching up with another famous Shounen – Gintama.

I’ve started it because of one reason – Parody. I’ve seen some short Gintama scenes on YT parodying various Anime. And as I just love seeing that kind of stuff, I’ve decided to try fighting that Shounen again.  The beginning was terrible, last time I tried I’ve dropped it after two episodes, as during that time there was ONE scene that actually made me smile. (Sougo + Bazooka) This time I didn’t give up though, promising myself I’ll get to the parodying. Guess what, I’ve watched 37 episodes and I’m still waiting for some movement in that direction…

Even though I hated first ~20 episodes, suddenly I kinda started enjoying it. Now the question is – Did I get dumb or did it get smarter.. Cause plot in that serie is such a hopeless, dirty bastard. There are so many characters that I had to find some I like, too bad they aren’t the main ones. Even Gintoki isn’t all that great to me, and the only way to change it would be killing Shinpachi or Kagura (Preferrably both).

And here are my favourites! Shinsengumi is in Gintama’s world ‘the Police force’, who are as dumb as the world surrounding them. But they actually have very rich and unique personalities, I especially like Sougo, who’s such a bully trying to finish off Hijikata and take over his spot as a Vice-Commander. He can be childish, but his tricks of all kinds against Hijikata are just fabulous. (Like trying to shoot his back with a bazooka and then when he turns around yelling ‘What the hell are you doing!’ he answers with his usual, bored face ‘Damn, I missed’)

Now while the plot and most characters fail me, all I wait for are parodies of Bleach and other shows, as appearently there’ll be quite a few in the future. Which makes me wonder, why didn’t they bring it much sooner, maybe then it would be atleast a bit compelling early on. Well, for now it stays a bedtime Anime for me, which can actually surprise and make laugh loudly.

Following: Elizabeth, Sadaharu, Katsura, Hijikata, Sougo, Kondo(Aka Gorilla), Sarutobi, Otae are awesome characters, who keep me watching the serie. If there’s anything you’d need to watch it for – It’s not parodies (as appearently there aren’t much for a big part) but the comedy with them included.

3 comments on “Catching up with another famous Shounen – Gintama.

  1. This is a fun and confusing show I would say I am about 50 to 60 episodes in and so far loved the show, but haven’t been keeping up I wish there was a Ova to watch that caught me up to the current episodes.

    Gintoki is freaking nuts but hes a great character and I always die laughing at the parodies with Bleach and his constant reading of Jump, there was one episode where they poked fun at Eye shield which was great because my brother just started Eye shield during the parody episode lol.

    • Oh so Bleach parodies will come soon, good to know!

      Well, the number of episodes is indeed a problem, but when I watch it everynight right before sleep – I don’t mind ! Shows like this have usually LOL PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT moments and then I usually get tired and sleepy, which helps!

  2. True you can catch up sooner or later lol, there are a few episodes that take a small peek into Gintoki’s past but so far I can only remember two episodes then again it has been a few months since I watched any of it, the plot is hard to find to me it felt like a random show meaning you miss three episodes it wont kill the series at least to me it wont.

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