My Code Geass R2 Remade Opening

Here it goes, not much to say.. At some point I was quite lazy and put that long scene from the orginal one, yet I made sure it’s somehow synchronised with the new music, still the biggest disadvantage are the transitions, I truly went too far experimenting with them. Hope you enjoy it anyway (and comment)!

Btw. I’ve made it 2 years ago.
Btw.2. It’s my first AMV
Btw.3. Here is the orginal opening that I used as a reference.

6 comments on “My Code Geass R2 Remade Opening

    • It’s quite common effect of AMV watching, but I guess seeing CG-anything makes me want to watch it again, it’s just that kind of an epic show.

    • Vegas is definitely best for it, I mean Premiere Pro was good too, but it requiered lots of free space and using VirtualDub to converse which was quite annoying.. Vegas on the other hand is simple and much better than Microsoft product.

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