Angel Beats… Angel and Key Beats its own Animu

I just keep asking myself: ‘Why the hell are you still watching it!’, and then I recall that the graphics are flashy + Tenshi-chan is too cute(I wonder how many times I wrote that sentence already!), which makes me go through the torment of another mindkilling episode. What’s the point in watching plotless show, where the amount of bullshit knows no ends? I suppose in my case, that would be one extremely ~kawaii character and a bit of the death-humour (Because let’s face it – there was no convincing drama in ANY of these ‘massacre’ scenes, sometimes it’s simply humourous and it’s only then, when it actually works)

Undoubtedly this serie is full of shit, and that point is getting much more clear when it turns out that Tenshi started accidentally self-cloning into evil twins.. Whoa whoa.. Slow down there with the plot twists Key!

It’s funny though, that Angel Beats! is anyway on the top of On-Goings just thanks to GirlsDeMo and Tenshi. Like really, there’s that enormous fandom featuring Yui, Yuri and Angel like everywhere.. I’ve seen countless fanarts, gifs and other stuff.. Looks like ‘Key’ found a key(Ha Ha!) to fans’ hearts!

What hurts me the most though, is that people actually rate it amazingly high just because of so minor factors. Come on, find me an Anime fan who actually watches it because he or she likes the plot(what’s this I don’t even..), characters(I like about 3) AND the drama(Did I skip something?). There could be few cases, but most of them probably rate AB! 8/10 or higher just because of graphics, soundtracks and the humour. But come on! That doesn’t even make half of it!

…But then again, Tenshi-chan is REALLY cute, doh.

12 comments on “Angel Beats… Angel and Key Beats its own Animu

  1. Great post, I watch this show for the great artwork, characters and music. I agree with you the plot on this show doesn’t add up in some spots, sure they try to tug at peoples hearts with the sad character deaths but thats about all they do. Yuri is interesting but not really watching for her I tend to watch for the laughs more than anything.

    But in the end this show is great to look at but not much if your expecting a amazing plot.

  2. But Tenshi is so cute! I can see what you mean, though, if shallower/minor factors are contributing to the popularity of a show. I don’t think Angel Beats is that bad, fandoms can seem a little unreasonable (and that last Tenchi pic is so great).

    • I guess giving the fandom opportunities to create fanarts is enough for them to rate it high… Good side : We get to see Tenshi in a maid suit!

  3. The graphics, music, and tenshi are the only reason i would rate this show above a 6 and if they put tenshi into a maid suit in the actual anime that would throw it up to a 10 immediatly.

  4. Angel Beats is definitely substandard for a Key production; and if you never liked melodrama that much that… [shrug]
    Although, amongst the themes of the series is about Otonashi rediscovering his purpose and what he needs to do, so of course it’d seem like the plot is missing until he can pinpoint his own role. I think ep9 did good job at that.

    Course, I’m also a massive key fan and henceforth… “even if it’s bad I’ll learn to enjoy it.”

    • Episode 9 finally had some successful drama moments, but after all these fails I think I wasn’t too convinced anyway…

      Well, I like Key for Kanon and Clannad, these two were alike and both masterpieceish.

  5. I am with Aorii on this too up until episode 9 most had trouble finding the plot, but seems its now his job to help Angel with the other sss members in helping them get “home” where ever that is. Four more episodes to go! wonder how things will go, maybe Otonashi will help 5 recover memories in one day lol..

    @Velore so with you on Clannad and Kanon did they also do Air? thats good too.

  6. Mr. Jun is using his bag of tricks a bit too liberally for this one, is all I’ll say. Tenshi and her seiyuu are the series’ best conception and decision, respectively. But meh, despite how much I’ve beat on Angel Beats all these weeks, I can’t say I don’t enjoy its antics. Surprisingly, Mr. Jun can try his hand at comedy, or something.

    • Gintama plays a very important role as a mental supporter in my case – it strikes me with unimaginable amount of randomness including both terribad and good parts.. Now thanks to it, I’m able to continue Angel Beats, which is just like it – mostly shit but with some surprising turn-arounds.

      TLDNR: Gintama gives pernament +Dumbness resistance bonus which enables me to watch AB.

      I suppose for the last 8 episodes comedy was the only thing I watched it for, finally in 9 there was some decent drama.

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