Naruto got Kubo’d!

Now you may wonder: ‘Why does he keep writing about such an unsuccessful manga writer‘ and the answer is that simple: Because he’s the top one troll in current Anime community, and people just can’t run out of ideas how to make fun of it.  Which isn’t that hard to notice, just look at the post in Darker Channel category called ‘Kubo Tite‘ and you will see how much attention he gets. But whatever, what’s interesting is the quiz further in the post!

So the joke originates from 4chan /a/ board, and it made me laugh my throat out(Just like the picture at the beginning) so I thought I’d post about it.

In latest Naruto chapter there’s that page:

Now what was really funny about it – the quiz that someone made saying ‘Find 4 proofs that Kishimoto was drinking sake with Kubo at the that he was drawing this page‘.

If you know what Kubo is famous for, you should see the clever point behind it.


4 comments on “Naruto got Kubo’d!

  1. I have another theory – maybe we, and the characters are just tripping bawls and imagining it all. Naruto actually died fighting Sasuke at the waterfall. Ichigo actually died when he got stabbed by Rukia’s sword in the very first episode. It explains why we see everything in luscious white.
    Btw dood, we can totally tell you love the guy.

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