What are the terrible Anime series that you’ve actually completed?

That’s a controversial post, because every single one of us has obviously different tastes, we hate and like different Anime series as well. But there are also cases of the Anime that were made really badly and if someone disagrees with that – the fact that it made many people fall asleep during the show should get you to thinking.

Usually there’s that awesome procedure that we conduct: dropping, but this post isn’t about dropped series, yet about something rare and dangerous – bad series that we actually hated and watched to the very end. I’m sure every one of us had atleast one like that, either completed because it was recommended to you by friend, or just popular at the time, or maybe you were convinced that it will get all better.. Oh how naive!

Well, here are my ‘pearls’:

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Starting with a really controversial title, while there are some total fanboys/girls of NGE, most of people I know consider it a total crap. Characters are such a huge butthurt (I mean, who likes terrified, shy boys as main heroes..), especially Asuka – typical annoying kind of tsundere. The plot wasn’t too amusing to me, but maybe all the fans are right – I just didn’t catch the depth and a beautiful, true meaning behind all of this. But honestly speaking – more than that serie I actually hate people who call Code Geass a NGE’s cheap ripoff. Comments like that just make me cry blood.

2. Macross Frontier

Another serie of the kind above, but this time the whole love toward this title is based on female characters. (Or so I think) It’s hard for me to say anything good about it, the only reason I’ve watched it whole is because it had some awesome music, plus Ranka on stage was quite amazing. I remember how the song – Seikan Hikou – made me rewatch the scene several times, that was my favourite one, or maybe the only one I actually liked? The plot wasn’t exciting or compelling at all, Alto flying in this… Uh.. Transformer made me laugh rather than anything else. It looked so goddamn lame! Every scene with these machines involved were in about 80% made of PC graphics, if it wasn’t for that music it wouldn’t feel like watching Anime at all. OH and the love triangle, surely a way to rate that bad serie high..

3. Chaos;Head

Now that I attacked two famous series, now comes the one that is without a doubt a total shit waste of time. I started it only because there was that whole group of girls with funny sword-like weapons, which appearently have some funny dismensional powers. But when I actually started watching it, I found myself the top #1 hated main hero of all time – Takumi – He’s a perfect example of what the main character of the series SHOULDN’T be. A hikkimori I can understand, sure, but also a total loser who imagines himself a girlfriend and is scared to fight just makes me headbutt the screen. How the fuck could someone create a protagonist like that is just unimaginable, if you ever check the serie – stop it right after the first episode, as the action doesn’t really get any better and the girls like to stand with their weapons rather than swing them around, not to mention Takumi crying, hiding and making his sad panda faces. Argh I wanna kill him! (Which is interesting, I wonder what did they expect us to feel when he was getting hurt.. Madhouse went mad)

4. 2×2 Shinobuden

Now that’s what I consider a bad comedy. I’m still asking myself why the hell I watched it, but I guess I was very desperate to laugh.. And before I realised it, I was actually getting headache and completing it whole. Funny thing is, these random ninjas in the background were funnier than the boring main characters.

5. Jigoku Shoujo

The mysterious blood-red eyed girl in kimono got my attention to this title, which consists of 3 series filled with retards who want her to send people to hell who for example yelled at you. I’m serious, all of these cases in which people enter someone’s name on the mysterious Jigoku website is based on so dumb and minor facts that if it were to actually exist, whole Japan would be purged in 2 weeks. Now why I kept watching it? Enma Ai is actually a well-made main character. Throughout all the series we learn about her personality and the past. She uses straw dolls who turn into humans(Also quite splendid characters) to help her sending people to the inferno.. But then again, the process of doing so looked terribly lame everytime. I was annoyed so many times that it’s ridiculous and ubelievable I kept going on.. That’s one extreme case in which a few characters got all my attention. Do I regret it ? Hell yeah.

6. .hack//SIGN

When I read the storyline I was seriously convinced that I’ll enjoy it – what could go wrong, I always liked Fantasy and Anime, when we mix it together something really nice is supposed to come out, right? Well, it indeed would, if it wasn’t for the slow, retarded pace and lack of action in it. As a result, it was my sleeping pill for about 25 nights. I barely remember anything other than shitload of unnecessary dialogues and ruined battle scenes. The only good thing like in Macross case was the music. Tbh .hack series aren’t worth attention, unless you’ve got PS2 – then you’re obliged to watch .hack//Roots and then play .hack//G.U which is one of the best jap. PS2 games I’ve played.

7. Pandora Hearts

Forgot about that title (Thanks Canne for recalling). Before it even started airing, whole bunch of people who were fans of the Manga were running around yelling how good it is, so with that popularity working like the gravity in Anime industry, I was compelled to give it a shot. Even though I didn’t enjoy the first few episodes (mainly because of sadly bad lineart and no interesting plot whatsoever) I continued to watch it hoping for some kind of *sigh* improvement. Maybe there was one or two episodes that I actually liked, but overall forcing myself to watch the show was a bad idea.. When I finally finished it all after few months of fruitless hope I realised what kind of crap it was and how much I regret even starting it. I don’t know how much different manga is, but basing on what I saw in the Anime (or felt), it didn’t have any good action, love story or drama. Everything was average or below.

What are the series that you hated and for some odd reasons watched till the very end?

10 comments on “What are the terrible Anime series that you’ve actually completed?

  1. Talk about stepping on a dangerous ground. I am not a total fan of NGE nor found it especially entertaining. But I rated it high for its several unique qualities, ideas and also boldness. Of course, it all comes down to taste of each individuals but you should really add more locks to your doors and windows because the fans of NGE are no ordinary fans and they may be gathering an army to crush you right now :P

    I did finish many bad series (just browse my blog for the ones with low rating) but the ones that were highly recommended by others but I didn’t like includes Boogiepop Phantom, Black Cat and Pandora Hearts.

    • I know, I called Code Geass fans, they said they’re ready anytime to end this madness.

      Oh yeah I completely forgot about Pandora Hearts, it was terribad, ah how could I.. Oh right, that’s why.

  2. Green Green – worst ‘comedy’ ever. No explanation needed, it was simply bad.

    Fate/Stay Night – In every episode I was praying for terrible and cruel death of main character. Also, they’ve decided to castrate King Arthur and to give him sex change afterwards… that’s cockblock of the century…. dear Optimus Christ…

    Zero no Tsukaima – I…I don’t even have any excuse for watching this…

    And that’s pretty much all that I was unable to erase from my memory I guess.

    • So glad I haven’t watched Green Green.. FSN and Zero no Tsukaima I have though, but it’s nowhere as regrettable memory as the series I mentioned.

      But yeah, main hero in FSN is one of worst-ever.

  3. Hmmm few shows…

    Canaan- Thought it was great but started to get bored with it awesome characters but boring story, first few episodes where great but then ZZzzzz

    Zero no Tsukaima- Fun characters but…to many series and the story isn’t all that great, hated how she loves the guy in one episode and next episode she hates his guts. Repeat this 15 times it gets old real fast.

    Chrome Shelled Regios- Strange show first few episodes where great but I found myself really bored halfway through, but still finished it probably one of the worst endings for me anyway.

    There are several more but I have forgotten them >.>;

    • Canaan was boring at times but overall I think it was quite good, so didn’t put it in my list.

      Yea Im getting the feeling that Zero no Tsukaima should be in my list after all ><

  4. It can be hard to drop a series, especially because there’s always that nagging feeling that things might get better next episode… my attention span is way to puny for that kind of patience, though!

    .hack//SIGN was a little too slow paced for me (but, like you, I still watched it all), and the animation quality of Pandora Hearts kept me from finishing it (although the manga is a little better).

    • Agreed, it’s that damn hope that gets me through all these bad series, and that bad habit came all way from the shows that actually were bad and turned into something enjoyable.. (Like Gintama)

      I had the feeling that Manga must’ve been better for people to have a reason to praise it in the first place..

  5. no offense to pandora hearts fans but it sucks to much! so boring and the ending really makes me cry blood lol! IDK whether I still have the energy to read the manga but my friends keep telling me to go hit the goddam manga…so yeah i did at last, and it seems to turn out to be great than i would’ve expected >;-o
    haha! it was very good manga series, it makes me very sad for the anime adaptation of this series though XD

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