Naruto Chapter 498 – Chakra is The Force!

While all the latest chapters were dull and completely hopeless, I saw no reason to even blog about them. Now that I read the most recent one – So many references, and orginal parts, where to begin!

Maybe with the fact that Star Wars and Naruto share similar ideology? There’s no death for people who know the power of the Force! So if you feel like talking while being dead, go ahead, not that anyone cares.

… Just in this case, these ‘last three Jedi’ would be Kushina, Yondaime and probably Jirayia which has yet to become one with the Chakras.

Now going forward, Naruto seems to be pretty damn close in the parental topic to Harry Potter

Yes, I do realise it’s mindblowing and like joining two very famous yet completely unrelated things together, but just recall the scene when Harry was fighting Voldemort on the Cementery..

Harry was losing, but then suddenly his parents appeared and gave him strength to win the death-ray pushing contest. Of course, all thanks to the power of L.O.V.E.

Hell, the exact same thing happened in Dragon Ball Z! Just with the difference that it was a cool Kamehameha~ faceoff back then, and it wasn’t strictly about love.

So how did it play out in Naruto after all these years ?

QUITE sadly. Hidden Mommy’s chakra spit all the hatred infection and then chained the beast.. Yay?

Now it’s not all about references here, there are many other orginal, interesting motives in the chapter!

Firstly, the son who doesn’t recognise his mother. Naruto never ceases to amuse me. Oh and the plot twist! She has red hair!

Then the question you’ve never seen in your life: “How did you fall in love with Dad?”, such an orginal icebreaker in the cute talk with your own mother inside of your own mind in middle of your own battle against the ultimate evil monster. (Soon to be your own also) The dead person here can blush, laugh and pretty much enjoys being dead as we can see.

And then recaps! Everyone loves recaps about dumb main hero’s parents love story, right?! (Oh of course, you’re right Kishi!)

The surprise on his face makes the scene definitely unique, especially that his mother is saying that, not Hinata.. Which makes it quite funny that it’s the same reaction. “Wat?”.

And then finally, the end of the chapter – or more like the goal, the whole hopeless talk and boring-ass memories were just to ‘motivate son’, who now wants to be ORANGE Hokage. Wow, I’m amused, really. He didn’t pick purple after all. Now all I can expect is for him to use the power of friendship and love to overcome Kyuubi’s hatred, in result become his BFF.

…Okay summing up the chapter: ORANGE BULLSHIT.

5 comments on “Naruto Chapter 498 – Chakra is The Force!

  1. Why is he shitting chains ?…
    What does she do in his head ?…
    Why it’s not empty ?
    Why this flashback is so useless ?..
    Why C.C. is a Jedi ?…
    Does it mean that Force comes from pizza ?…
    Why is he making that face ?…
    What is going on here ?
    What the fuck is wrong with you Kishimoto ?

    This shit is bananas.
    Also, I’ve a headache.

    • lol’d.

      Okay, that’s some curiosity you got there sir. First of all, C.C is not a Jedi, because obviously she doesn’t posses any lightsabers. But without a doubt she’s well acknowledged in The Force, which with some faint possibility DOES come from the Pizza!

      Secondly, there’s TOTALLY nothing wrong with Kishimoto or Kubo whatsoever. They’re COMPLETELY splendid manga writers who are SERIOUSLY awesome.

      Btw. I sarcazm’d.

  2. Why is it that I feel Naruto’s IQ has gone up, then fell again? He seemed pretty clever right after the timeskip, but now he’s acting like… Okay, of all things, wtf am I saying.

    That orange part really bit. More like, why’d he reseal the Kyuubi? He let its chakra expand over his body first and then reapplied a seal? All he needed to do was steal the chakra, and the animal can just rot in a cage forever? Did killahbee do the same thing? I’m thinking too hard about this, aren’t I?

    • Character development in Naruto can be very tricky.. But meh, atleast he can do XXXXX rasengans now that he couldn’t before!

      All what he wanted was the demon’s chakra appearently, so it goes for Bee too .. Although it’s weird, that once transformed, the beasts still have personalities of their own… That definitely proves – Chakra is limitless!

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