FMA’s big finale is coming!

Now that all Homunculi are down except for the Big Daddy, it’s time for the final stage in this year’s favourite Anime serie. I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry…

There are officially 3 episodes left. And as we can expect last one to be  peaceful and goodbyeish, so the next 2 will most probably have lots of breathtaking action as in 61st.

Before that happens, let’s reminisce how all these (who are undoubtedly awesome villains) Homunculi died in the first place…

1. Burned to the very last ashes – Lust.

I don’t think that anyone expected her to disappear so soon.. Mostly because of the ‘orginal’ series, where she actually lived way longer and became good in the end. Either way, Roy’s hartred hurts big time. (So does sunburn tbh)

What was exciting about the scene, was the turn-around.. While we were scared that Roy might actually die, Lust did instead. Burned repeatedly, thanks to a lighter and a blood transmutation circle on Mustang’s hand.

‘I sealed it with fire’

These words became the proof for Roy’s awesomness.

2. Eaten alive by his own Bro – Gluttony.

That was another unpredictable death… Selim fearing his oponnents decided that eating Gluttony is the only way to win the battle. Too bad, fatty was kinda funny at times.. Like when he was leading Al into his father’s den. Still, I liked the way he died.

Awch, tiny evil hands eating your heart alive… Poor Gluttony. He was more lucky than others though..

3. Too jealous to live – Envy.

Although it seemed like another Roy’s victim, thanks to his comrades the flames of hatred cool down and the truth behind Envy’s jealousy turns out to be the his suicide motive.

It was cute, sad and… Oh well, he still died like a damn Emo.

4. Mauled to death – Sloth.

The outcome was quite obvious, this one was destined for quick death without anything special to it.. Which means comedy! Muscleguys combo-attack finishes him off, with a slight help from Izumi and General Armstrong.

It went easier than expected, but meh, not that anyone cared about Sloth anyway.

5. Forsaken by the God himself – Wrath.

His death was unavoidable, yet the cause of it was damn surprising. Not the fact that he was killed by Scar, but that the unfortunate sunlight made it possible.. Luck moar!

What made me wonder though, is why Bradley could die only once apart from other Homunculi. He had the stone infused in his body, yet he couldn’t regenerate. Still, that death was kinda disappointing, I wanted Greed/Ling to take care of him and have the double revenge.

6. Turned into his orginal form by Ed – The First Homunculus.

That kinda counts as a death, there’s no way Selim can fight from now on. I really liked the scene – It’s probably my favourite Homunculus ‘death’ so far. Firstly, disappointed Kimblee stops Selim, so that Ed can invade him by becoming a temporal philosopher’s stone, then secondly, Selim who couldn’t understand Ed’s motives was scared that he’s gonna get killed but is just turned into his real form. At the very end he realised that he actually loved his mother and wouldn’t like Humans to get wiped out.

That makes me wonder, what are they gonna do with that little Selim out there!

And now, only the Homunculus boss remains, the big finale is coming!

4 comments on “FMA’s big finale is coming!

  1. why did you never call the First Homunculus Pride that’s his name Pride
    also he still does not like human’s but the shock from the event wipes his memory he is like a newborn now. his life is getting reset
    and Greed is still around

    • I’m guessing and interpretating things here basing on Anime only. Memory wipe is certainly a Spoiler, thanks a lot :P (And let’s not forget that Anime and Manga can vary in characters development, from what I heard Pride is different here and there)

      I just can’t get used to him being Pride, keeps me confused all the time because of the old series.

      Greed is still around but he’s not an enemy anymore, I’ve been mentioning how the villains died.

  2. Nice recap. After all this time I’d forgotten how Gluttony went, and Lust, to a certain extent. She became good in the original series? I don’t remember that at all… Only Mustang doing his thing in all cases. Shame, Lust was my favorite. For obvious reasons.
    So you haven’t read the manga chapter?

    • Yup, she was all humanish there right before the death. I remember that I was disappointed that she died, so it must be the case.

      Nah I haven’t, no reason when the Anime is doing so well.

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