Angel Bullies!

It’s not really a meme so I’m posting it here instead of Darker Channel.

Remember the episode when Tenshi was eating alone, all sad and moe? Since then parody-images appeared that show either Tenshi getting bullied or being the bully and getting her revenge. Quite lolable indeed:

Tenshi uses ‘Want Mapo Tofu’!

It’s ineffective!

Wrong button? As if!

Haven’t seen the next update for some time, it’s quite old.

And then, Tenshi strikes back!

That’s all I’ve found for now.. And once again, AB! fandom makes the Anime quite worth to follow. I feel kinda bad for having so many AB-related posts here already, but the truth is, when something is so ridiculously bad AND popular, it brings lots of funny stuff.

2 comments on “Angel Bullies!

  1. Hmm, it is quite the phenomenon when you put it that way >.> How did AB garner such attention? Its OP? Mr. Jun’s pedigree? Its pseudo-animation quality? A combination of these factors? Or did it just have good mojo?
    Nazi surgeon Kanade tickles my fancy a lot more than it should…

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