Demon’s Souls EU is finally here

Took damn long, but finally all European RPG fans can encounter one of the best and at the same time hardest PS3 game out there. I couldn’t wait myself, just reading all the reviews made me pre-order it in the special ‘Black Phantom’ edition.

When it comes to Asian-originating RPGs, they always have this unique atmosphere to them. Here we’ve got some truly dark fantasy (That’s where you laugh in Dragon Age’s face once again). In the world surrounded by Demons, Archdemons you’re the lone warrior (Atleast in the plotline, of course it’s online) who goes on the suicidal mission of getting rid of the cataclysm. And why suicidal? No, not because it’s hard, it’s because YOU’RE SURELY GONNA DIE! (Hell, your first boss combat you’re supposed to lose) And it’s totally ok with the plot. While in other games that meant screwing up with the Grandpa Time, here you simply die, get resurrected but lose all the souls you’ve collected. So is dying bad at all? Well, let me tell you, the souls are the currency, skill points, experience at once. And now imagine, that if you die you lose them all. Of course there’s way to get them back – you just need to get to the place of death, but everytime you die, all mobs resurrect and you get into soul form, where you got less hp…

Now, let’s say you’ve dropped 15k souls (A LOT) next to a boss. Now to get it back you need to enter his chamber.. Bad news sir – You can’t exit it without killing him. So the problem is that you have to pick up your souls before he kills you again (or you lose them all for good), AND then still kill him to get away with them. That’s why I’m always eager to repair equipment and buy lots of stuff before I head out for a serious fight.

But what’s truly astonishing, is how well-done are the Worlds, fight etc. Even though at first I was like ‘Bad graphics, bad trailers, it looks boring too’ now that I entered the world of Demon’s Souls – I simply can’t leave it. With every mob you need different tactic, in every World you encounter other traps and foes.. In each of them there are bosses which need special tactics. The only problem here is to get used to all of it (especially dying part), cause once you do – you’re on your way to fully enjoy it.

So far, I’ve been through 1-1, 1-2 and 2-1 worlds. The first two include goddamn dragon, which made my heart skip beat for a few times, but thanks god we don’t have to fight him.. Yet.

Must say it’s damn enjoyable and hard, unpredictable and scary.. But makes you laugh a lot too when you play with some people you know. It only lacks In-game voice chat, which would make it so much better. For now I’m impressed by the number of ideas, possibilites and directions this game offers, so .. Off to the Demon’s world to farm some souls!

5 comments on “Demon’s Souls EU is finally here

  1. haha i loved this game when it came out. on 1-1 i died so many timed just walking up the steps. took me 2 weeks of constant playing to finally beat it

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