Angel Beats! Finale

Undoubtedly the most disappointing, flawing, fandom’d and shiny show of Spring 2010. Even though it started quite nicely it was just a trap. Of course that’s my opinion, but I’m quite sure that other – insightful – Anime fans noticed how many holes were included.

The Plot – At first we could see some of it, but then it stood there for most of the episodes, on the part: ‘We don’t know why Tenshi is our enemy so we shoot her and basically try to finish her off for no apparent reason. We even run this Guild thing to get weapons and ammo so we can keep shooting or whatever. Oh and btw, we enjoy dying, especially in the mixed comedy-drama scenes.’ It kept going dumber and dumber. Everytime something surprising happened I was obliged to cover my face with a palm. Maybe two. The main problem is that it doesn’t make any sense most of the time. The whole thing was about rebelling against the god, while being unable to say if it actually exists and whether ‘disappearing’ is a good or a bad thing. But the kids jumped to conclusions and guns at once.  Especially retarded was the fact that Tenshi is just a human like everyone else.. Then she must be a damn sociopath, hacker, and a socially retarded person, if we check her in the context of Anime. Another completely facepalmic plottwist was that NPCs turn into monsters because there was too much amount of ‘Love’ flying around in this world. Of course every episode had its silly miniplot, but I just don’t want to remember it..

Music & Graphics – Honestly, these two were the only reasons to watch it whole. Everything was cutely glowing, detailed and in comparison to most of the on-goings – Simply enjoyable. Especially music, which surprised us with quite a bunch of tracks even though the Anime isn’t really about soundtracks. Guess it’s just Key‘s budget show-off, can’t say I didn’t like it.

Characters – At first I was like ‘Oh, so many different characters that aren’t stereotypical!’ but then I’ve noticed that they’re all supposed to be ‘cool’ and focused on some random things/characteristics. Like for example Shiina, loved stuffed animals and saying ‘How shallow-minded’, which made her totally hopeless character that desperately tries to be funny. Well she wasn’t. Next comes the T.K. who seems to be liked by the fans, even though for me his ‘english lines’ sounded lame. And the dancing everywhere? Yeah, my usual drama animu alrite.Then Yui, the energetic and adventurous type who liked to spam the word ‘Baka’. Now seriously, where’s the fun in that? The concept is just bad and it looks like side-characters don’t matter at all. They are just there for lame jokes, while the plot involving main characters can proceed. Now about Otonashi, Yurippe and Tenshi – they were well made protagonists who comparing to the others aren’t either stupid or unfunny. And Kanade is damn cute.

And the Finale – ‘Let’s play school graduate ceremony! Then just get rid of most characters in a flash, get to main topic of the serie and then finish with the usual cliffhanger and dimensions-screwing stuff‘. The first half was just hopeless. Singing anthems and doing the whole ceremony just to make a dramatic farewell. And then – the whole drama kept in the serie was smashed right into us – Confession of love and the need to separate. I must say it was quite sad, but also dumb. ‘Sorry but the last time I stabbed you randomly I’ve noticed I have your heart so now I must go back and live with it, thx lol‘. But it was ok, the drama hit the critical point, now just tell us what happens to Otonashi.. Wait, why is he disappearing? Wait.. Why is he alive without the heart? Is he a Zombie? Is it another dimension? How did they meet? Why does it look like a lame end to satisfy the fans? .. Oh ..Right. Because it is. Overall, I didn’t like it. The end was typical and completely forced for easy watchers’ satisfaction.

I love how Ningyo summed it up:

Angel Beats has been a very colorfully dressed circus performer that catches all the attention, but drops all the balls it tries to juggle.

Comparing to other Key productions, this one looked like a complete money-sucking parasite. It could become a good serie, without a doubt, but obviously it didn’t get that much attention and just went on with simple factors that made people think it was a well-done Animu. Well, for me it looks completely cheap, and I’m just proud of myself that I finished it whole and learned something new about Key and its progression in the Anime industry.

12 comments on “Angel Beats! Finale

  1. Agree with you there this show could have been better than what it was, few character stories were left out but oh well I guess. Still was a fun watch kind of short for me, ending was a bit strange felt a lot like .Hack//sign.

  2. Well it’s not much but the two main people bump into each other and thats it with them knowing who’s who from the game walking away together, it has has been a loooooong time too xD

    • Ooh, now I kinda remember! Ye, you’re right, there’s similarity here. The ‘real world’ part in .hack was so funny, as it was way less important than the game, lol.

  3. I agree. I think the ending was very disappointing. Although I think Angel Beats was a very good series, it did not have enough time to complete it’s goals. Also, the last episode was a sucky conclusion.
    “By the way, Takamatsu moved on”
    Like, what the crap?! Really, that’s so thrown together! Also, Tenshi was supposed to be the character that watched over everyone. She suddenly started going “Love ya!” at the end, and I was like, “Wait, what?” It would have been so much better if Otonashi and Yuri would have ended up together because they actually SPENT TIME TOGETHER. I just can’t imagine Otonashi and Kanade being a good couple. Their personalities just don’t work.
    One question I have is… Michal Rivas, the voice actor from America who played TK… Why didn’t he tell them that these English phrases REALLY, REALLY sucked? Maybe in the manga we’ll learn more about the other characters’ pasts. Apparently, that’s why the manga was created.

    Thank you for this review on the finale and sharing my sentiments!

    • That’s true, AB! went too far for a 13-eps serie and failed because of it. First they show Yui-full-episode and then .. Well, no more side characters. There should be an ep dedicated to every member, showing their wishes and true faces instead of ‘The world is getting buggy cause you guys started to love each other’ plot twist.

      I don’t see Kanade as a part of ANY couple, like I said – for a human she’s socially retarded and murderous. That makes her cute to some extent, but completely hopeless when it comes to the most basic things. Love is blind I suppose..

      T.K. kinda failed my expectations to be a funny character.. Instead he simply stood there dancing and whatnot.

      Glad we agree, only thing I can’t say is ‘AB! was a great serie’, it’s too flawed and way too dumb, the plot for most of the episodes seemed to be created in 5 minutes.

    • @Mewpudding101

      Well, to be honest, TK is a favorite among all the characters, and isn’t there to make you go, “Lol, that was funny.” >_> He’s that character you can rely on to be a badass in situations and still maintain his odd ways. I’m sure you can find that in LOTS of anime, so there’s no need to bash on AB for it.

      Well, Otonashi and Kanade did spend time together a lot, ever since about episode 4. Yurippe and Otonashi wouldn’t work because they don’t know each other much, and Kanade had a reason to love Otonashi; For giving her the gift of life(For at least a little while.) In return, Otonashi had a reason to love Kanade; For knowing that his heart was taken to good use, and, plus, he died in a time when he was depressed and such, and that helps out with the fact that he wants to find somebody to love. If Yurippe hadn’t been leader, then I might see a developing relationship, but it’s always been Otonashi and Kanade.

      Yes Yes, it was Key’s fault for putting only 13 episodes. If they had about 24 or so, they could have added more storyline, but this was considered a ‘Minor Project’ by the two people that made it, so they didn’t really plan for it to go on any longer. I’d have liked more, but they did great with what small time they had, and I’d LOVE to have a bunch of OVA’s explaining how everybody came to the ‘Afterlife School’, and what they did afterwards. That’ll make it even better.

  4. Well, I’m not sure what the problem is. Indeed, I wish the anime could have been at least 24 episodes, so that more of the storyline could be added, but they had to fit all of that into 13 episodes, so give them a break. The storyline was awesome, and the Epilogue doesn’t need to be explained into that much detail. They meet up in the real world, that’s it. You’re honestly thinking too much about it. How should it have ended? They all stay in the Afterlife? Otonashi disappeared because he had fulfilled his purpose… More than likely, they went back to the point they died, but, instead of dying, they ended up living. So Kanade most likely got a heart from somebody else, while Otonashi was saved by the tunnel instead of dying. That sort of ordeal. It’s all about Second Chances, and Fate, and all that sort of stuff. There was no better ending than what they put. It was rushed, but they only had 13 Episodes planned out, so give them a break. >_>

    • The thing that it was 13 episodes long was their choice. Appearently they figured it would be enough to satisfy most of the fans.

      In Key series, Epilogues always made sense, even if they were a bit twisted. Here though, zombie Otonashi doesn’t convince me. If it’s like you said – and she got the heart from someone else, then the whole final afterlife scene was a mistake and the drama was lame like that: ‘I must go back, btw. you don’t have a heart’. Then again, he still had no heart, no matters who took it.

      You call it Second Chance and Fate, I call it forced Happy Ending. And I can’t tell you what I’d wish to happen the most, cause for me to like it, I’d need to be surprised. I think it would be somewhere along the lines ‘Tenshi goes back without Otonashi but promises to meet him again in the afterlife’.

      Sorry for being whiny, but that was sloppy work from producers who made great things.

      • Well, it wasn’t really a mistake; The ‘Afterlife’ was a title that the SSS members gave it, so it’s not necessarily supposed to be where you go after you die, it’s just a place to get rid of regrets, then go back for a second chance. So this ‘Zombie Otonashi’ isn’t a Zombie at all(>_>), he’s just alive instead of dying like he believed. Most likely, all of the people from the ‘Afterlife’ remember what happened, because it’s kind of like a near-death-experience. Forced Happy Ending? Not really. There’s no way for Otonashi to stay there anyways, since he knows somebody was helped by him donating his body… If they didn’t make them disappear after they achieved what they wanted, THEN it’d be pretty Forced, but, since it’s one of the key plot-points, it works out well. I’d have liked to see all the SSS members meet up back in the Real World, but a OtonashixKanade sort of thing is alright for me.

  5. Glad somebody noticed the line :p
    But ugh, I’ve totally had enough of Angel Beats now. We’ve talked about its flaws to no end. Not to say your post wasn’t timely, since you wrote it a while back, but I’m completely dry on AB. You’ve basically summarized it; Mr. Jun flaunting his budget, lame cop-out end, contrived your-heart-to-mine plot device, Kanade is the sell-out poster girl. What do you think Mr. Jun will do next? I think we can take Angel Beats as him being willing to radically innovate his formula. I assume he’ll take some note of public reception, and may improve on his next work thusly.

    Then again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and everybody’s talking about Angel Beats. Maybe it’ll be fun just seeing how we can riff on his next work.

    • @JohnForester

      Near death experience where you meet other dying people? Hmm that could work. Still, IMO the heart motive was unnecessary, considering that they wanted him to go back to ‘life’ (or hold on to it).. But meh, I guess this serie was all about chasing its own tail, kinda like the Bible. And like you said – It’s a minor serie, so there’s no need to argue really.


      Hopefully the next one will break some Keyish stereotypes, bring lots of successful drama, comedy without the need to spill budget on the ‘looks’.

      Then again, you’re right, we talk about AB way too much :p

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