Arakawa under the Bridge Finale

Arakawa was the most liked comedy of the season without any rivals whatsoever. It was a portion of good comedy coming every week, and now it’s all over… No wait! It’s not, season two has been announced right away!

And it seems that pretty soon, cause the last episode didn’t feel the slightest bit like an ending.

But how was the serie so far?..

Pretty awesome to be honest. It had its ups and downs; better and worse eps, but overall the strange, randomish atmosphere originating from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei made it unique, surprising and really enjoyable. If I had to pick my favourite Anime of the season, it certainly would be it, as Durarara!! is bullshitin’, Angel Beats! failed big time, and Rainbow is.. Well, let’s say ‘comedy over drama’.

When coming to disadvantages though, the ending was terrible. I don’t see the point at all, it’s like ‘Honestly guys, we planned to air 26 episodes but we got tired midway so let’s call it season 2..‘. It doesn’t make much more sense than that. Meh, atleast we can expect new Opening/Ending from the fresh continuation. Funny thing is, that episode 12 would work much better as the season finale. I mean seriously, three new characters introduction in the last episode is like ‘I’m pretty sure we forgot about something..Uh.. Right, side characters‘.

Nevertheless, waiting patiently for season two. Need moar Hoshi and Ore No T-Shirt (They’re being sold lately thanks to the Hoshi fandom, lol).

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