Vacation on the Beach

I’ll be off for 1-2 weeks, and here are the scary news: There’s no internets. Yes, I can live that long without it. Well, I guess.  Anyway, that should be a refreshing, peaceful break from the daily rage caused by Anime and Video Games.

If I don’t come back, tell Mio-chan I love her.

See you soon!

6 comments on “Vacation on the Beach

    • Thx.. And I always do. I have pale skin like Azu-nyan, the pain is unavoidable ._.’

      And the heat is incredibly strong this summer also, this is gonna be a hellfire.

  1. Didn’t Azusa get a little TOO brown there >.>?
    Dammit Velore, you trooper, how the hell can you go for two weeks without this stuff? Remember when I lost my internet for like five days? I had to visit an internet cafe like every other day. I guess you just have some powerful life direction. Me, I’m not taking a step from this crack for the mind.

    GL, HF, DD.

    • Certainly she did :p

      Well, had to go back for one day – \o/ Saved! Was running out of the food and water, and the animals in the forest hide way too well and are protected by the guardians – mosquitoes, plus the heat.. Yeah.. I barely can make a step out of the shadow before I have to run away.

      Doh, the most disturbing thought is that I’ll have to catch up on everything when I come back in a few days.. And that means new disappointments, routine. Hurts everytime I think about it.

      And thanks, I will try.

  2. ‘Yes, I can live that long without it’
    No you can’t. In fact, no one can…you’ll probably find yourself searching for a net cafe one of these days :P

    • Ah! Finally back. As you assumed, I indeed tried searching for ‘ alternative internet sources’ deep in the sand, but unfortunately it didn’t go too well.

      Oh well, the ‘break’ is over, time to check the new anime series and cry a little in the new post.

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