Summer Season Peek (Part I)

I’m a bit late with the first-impressions-sharing thingy, so it’s time to slowly catch up. I’ve checked one episode of the series I was initially planning to watch, and so far I’ve got really bad feelings. But enough about general opinions,  jumping to the details:

Amagami SS

Currently: On-Hold

It’s hard to say much after the first episode, but currently I can’t care less to continue it. Morishima-senpai was all kinds of cool, but except for her I didn’t find anything interesting throughout the episode (that by the way I barely even remember). Felt quite typical, highschoolish romance kind of serie  without the sad fanservice.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Currently: Watching

While I wasn’t one of Taiga’s or Toradora’s fans, her grown-up version is quite satisfying. At first I had the feeling she would be the typical tsundere, but after all she’s rather cute, soft and surprising. Can’t say I like Ryoushi though, being a chickin who tries to fight his nature, that’s just too boring unless the comedy is involved. (‘I’ll be your shield’ .. Honestly? I can’t help it but imagine a scene in which the car is about to hit Ryouko and then he jumps in, pushes her and takes the hit, now that would be just classic). The other characters and the plot aren’t convincing either, but I suppose it’s still far from bad comparing to other shows of this kind. Plus, I really laughed at the face-kick scene. Well, I’ll see how far I can get with this one.


(^ Ga-a-ay!)

Currently: Watching

If I had to pick the biggest disappointment – here it is. First I was like ‘Wow, Higurashi-based anime!’ and then I was like ‘Guys.. You did it so wrong’. Even though there was that flashy finale with a slight atmosphere sticking out of it, for the whole episode I was wondering why the fuck all the main characters have colorful halos in their eyes and the hair as if they used a special tornado-edition gel that they wouldn’t share with the side ones. Like seriously, I can barely focus on the background or the subs when I see any of them. Then again, the comedy ain’t funny, characters stick out too much for such a mysterious freaks show. Funny fact: I fell asleep twice trying to complete the first episode during the last 2 nights.

Occult Academy

Currently: Watching

A savior among the fails above, finally something that turned out as expected, and even went further than that. I actually watched it whole and wanted more, which is like.. Weird considering that I had to force myself to watch every single minute of the series above. (Ookami-san had its little moments tho). Well, I was astonished by the main heroine. At first I had this fear she would take of her clothes and go Vampire Bund Mad, but thanks god she’s actually awesome. I kinda love how expressive her face is. Then again, the comedy was a huge plus in the episode, just like the characters. In short – the ray of hope

Sooo.. Summing up.. Uh.. well.. uhem…

*singing last FMA:Brotherhood opening in deep depression*

2 comments on “Summer Season Peek (Part I)

  1. Amagami SS – Not that bad so far, actually has a few comedic parts so far and crazy/odd characters.

    Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi- Have yet to watch episode two or three, but from just the first episode alone it was alright can’t wait to see more.

    Occult Academy- This is by far my favorite summer show was not expecting it to be funny, but it actually is a great comedic show! has me laughing watching Maya and number 6.

    • Ookami-san has some really annoying romance in it, also the comedy is kinda meh, but still I like how Taiga *cough* Ookami beats the shit out of bad guys.

      Occult – Agreed. It’s surprisingly awesome.

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