Summer Season Peek (Part II)

Going on with first impressions of the new shows, and once again I can’t say I’m too impressed with these titles.. Or impressed at all. Everything turns out to be the same or worse than expected. Maybe I just expect too much? I mean, FMA ended recently and I don’t have any Anime serie to order Pizza for.

This time checking out:

Highschool of the Dead

(aka. What Would Typical Ecchi Anime Look Like If It Was Merged With A Standard Zombie Movie)

Currently: On-Hold / Trying hard to watch the first episode

While I’ve been motivated to watch the first episode of all the potential good anime series of this Summer, I still couldn’t get myself to get further than 5 minutes in this one. As I seriously expected something average or above, I got hit in the face by the thing called reality, and my parody horror animu turned into a cheap show the very first seconds. It’s just sick how typical it truly is. Zombies as in anywhere else, Boobies and fanservice as in cheap Anime serie that tries to recompensate for being some utter shit, PC-graphics as in all the shows that are lazy to animate whole 24 minutes, which would be just crazy, and finally even the current fansubs are more than ridiculous. Drophammer is certainly coming once I watch the episode…

Nurarihyon no Mago

Currently: On-Hold

Usually I’m eager to check out Shounens, as they usually have some cool characters (There must be some when they’re over 50), action scenes and finally plot twists. But what I really don’t like, is that they tend to have a retarded main hero. While Naruto is simply Naruto, Ichigo is just normal, Ippo is dumb, Allen likes unicorns, now in Nurarihyon main hero is a complete, boring nerd until something goes wrong. Now I’m wondering, is it a show for the younger audience, since he’s 12 and there’s nothing brutal going on whatsoever? It surely looks so, but it could be just a really bad start, which is quite usual in Shounens. Still, the first episode was so boring that I’ve decided to wait for some opinions about further events and then maybe I’ll catch up, but seriously doubt it. the demons thing is just so damn clichĂ©.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Currently: Watching

Another serie I was really looking forward to, as I’m quite a fan of the fantasy realm. Still, Anime always has to put something new in it, like in Scrapped Princess there were mechas, in .hack serie the game and real life became some funny fantasy mix (All the drama when the character is PK’d, lol), in Slayers there always was the more dark, more dangerous and powerful enemy to fight against and it created some kind of a loop where Lina had to power up over and over, and now we got some fantasy anime where soldiers can cast fire spells and the main hero has some kind of ultimate magic power, plus the girl with him has Hulk’s strength for some reason. Other than that, it’s just basic story about corrupted world, war, magic and scary big monsters who guard some kind of artifacts. While fantasy is simply average, the comedy doesn’t really shine with some clever ideas and is overall all about one character screwing around with another. Maybe it’s not worth too much attention, but still for summer days that’s some light serie I was looking for.. Going on with it.

Meh, so far I’ve got 3 series that I’m following.. It’s kinda sad, considering that only one I really like. (Occult Academy) But I suppose there was always the chance that all of them could fail. I guess what hurts me the most, is that Shiki disappointed me big time, hopefully it can still get better, but I honestly can’t imagine it.

2 comments on “Summer Season Peek (Part II)

  1. Highschool of the Dead- Was very excited to see the manga get turned into an anime series, so far I love the story the pace is slow but going strong so far, anyone who loves zombie movies will love this that and service.

    The Legend of the Legendary Heroes- Kind of boring now that I sit back and think about it, was blogging it but think I have dropped it but will continue to just watch it. Agreed thou its like Slayers but darker as far as people actually dying.

    • The Legend I’ll keep watching for the plot, the comedy isn’t too great but the story is quite standard for a fantasy serie so maybe it’ll get interesting.

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