Spring Season Final Ratings

As promised, here are the final ratings of the shows that started airing in Spring 2010, as always based on MyAnimeList. I’ll compare it to the ‘First Impressions Ratings’ I’ve made earlier.. So let’s see which Anime were liked the most!

So here we go, the old ratings:

And today’s ratings:

Angel Beats! jumped from fourth to the first place. What the fuck? I mean sure, I could see that one coming, but that’s some big time joke that it has a score higher than Higashi no Eden which was pretty much damn AWESOME and had everything that Angel Beats! missed. Precisely AB! is on 73rd place on the ‘Top Anime List’ right next to One Piece. What hurts me the most, is that shows such as ef – a tale of … which succeeded in their drama, had plot that didn’t make your brain hurt are still ranked lower than AB!. And now tell me it’s not hyped show? It’s obviously getting way higher than it should, just because it’s Key, just because it’s Tenshi-chan and just because some of you people got their judgement stolen by a single, cute (yet awfully cliche) finale scene. What kind of madman would give it 10/10 anyway, it’s just stupid, like voting for Obama because he’s black.. No wait, not that wouldn’t be as typical, nevermind.

Even though K-On! got its ratings up, it actually fell to the 4th spot. I would be fine with it, only if it wasn’t for Kaichou wa Guesswhat-sama standing above it. I mean.. What the hell.. Some fans say K-On! is a lame serie with nothing new in it, but then look at the Kaichou’s ratings, anyone mind to explain? Or maybe I missed something, like for example that it’s typical shoujo that is actually very close to Twilight serie? Then again, Maids! YAY..

Atleast Arakawa went up as deserved. I’m quite concerned about Working! being so high also.. But I guess it’s still fine, looking at all that awfulness right below it, I just couldn’t care less about these.

So all in all – quite an enjoyable season, even though ratings seem way off for me. Well I guess if I were a girl who loved happy endings and cheap romance I’d probably vote like above.. Quite a disturbing thought really.

4 comments on “Spring Season Final Ratings

  1. The final list only amplifies how unremarkable the previous season was and looking at the current season, I think the trend will continue -_-

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