Darker than BLACK Gaiden Review

Type: OVA

Episodes: 4

Score: 4,8/5,0

Synopsis: As you probably know, OVA’s story takes place between two DTB series, explaining how Hei and Yin got separated, but also why our little Black Shinigami stopped shaving and became a hobo. Oh and how Yin-hunting began…

Apart from bunchload of action packed in the very first episode, the main idea was to show that Hei cares about Yin and vice versa, as they kept hugging, smiling and playing ‘ husband and wife’ throughout the episode. But then things got complicated, as they started realising that they have to keep moving in order to stay low and avoid contractors from various organisations trying to get Yin. By far the only disappointment I had in it was the fake Amber, that gave me so much hope in the trailer.

Finally we got introduced to the dark side kept deep inside the doll, so called Izanami, the being that’s supposed to put end to Contractors’ existence. At first she was just taking control for a short time, but later on it became more and more complicated, as everyting was leading to the Awakening. I really liked the whole idea behind special doll who managed to feel. But of course, DTB is full of surprises, and as it turns out it actually is way deeper than just ‘world filled with dangerous and emiotionless contractors’ as it  follows famous Japanese myth about Izanagi and Izanami. While in the Season Two we were watching from Hei’s perspective, now in the OVA it focuses on Yin’s.. We can see that she fought to keep Izanami inside and trying to protect Hei.

But fine, we know what to expect, and it was done really well, what went wrong then? Well, for starters OVA had really long breaks between the episodes, and because of that I kept losing track of the side-characters and the less important plot elements. Then there’s another disadvantage – the idleness in the middle. While first two episodes were literally full of action, the third one was just slow, boring and pretty much senseless. I mean, the only thing that we’ve really learned is that contractors can have a baby and its cry is capable of stopping Izanami from Awakening, oh wow. But of course, the betrayal at the end of the episode was quite interesting to watch, that’s when we all realised that everything what happened was leading to Izanami getting out of Yin in the end.

That’s really all what annoyed me in the serie, other than that I greatly enjoyed it. Especially the last episode, it’s purpose to show Hei’s emotions development and Yin’s struggle was realised perfectly. I can’t help it but feel some kind of empathy towards Hei, who’s mentally wracked until he receives the information at the very end that the Doll is still alive. Overall, it was awesome, thrilling and I must say Hei x Yin is my current favourite Anime pairing.

Well, hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Oh and finally I managed to grab the unique Gaiden’s soundtrack, and of course I shall share!

Darker than BLACK Gaiden – Darker than Black

2 comments on “Darker than BLACK Gaiden Review

  1. Really loved these Ova’s very nice set up from season1 going into season2! always nice to see more of Yin and Hei, wonder if there will be any more movies coming out since it’s kind of over but guess they have room to do another series too just stick in new character to pair with Hei.

    Can’t wait to hear that Ost! =D

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