Why Ookami-san is Angel Beats’ bro

After going through five painful episodes of this show, I’ve started to realise how many similarities it shares with the latest Key’s production. At first you might not believe, but once you give it a thought, it’s pretty much the same shit.

Shall we get to the examples then?..

1. Completely senseless action scenes.

Highshcool of the Dead all of sudden.

Just like in Angel Beats! the thrilling battle scenes take part in the dark, dusty and utterly dangerous… Schools. Usually, we recognise this place with comedy, romance or giant mechas chasing Lelouch, but from now on, we shall remember it as a battleground splattered with blood and sacrifices.

2. Go on without me!

You shall not pass! .. Or shall you?

Some time ago, that kind of scenes were Shounen’s visiting-cards, but not anymore! Now drama-slash-comedy-slash-romance just can’t go without it. Just like in Angel Beats! there was this whole episode where everyone sacrificed themselves one after another to let others pass.. I will never get bored of this! .. Cause I always hated it to start with.

3. Kids running around with hi-tech devices.

Moshi moshi?!

In both series we could see professional communication devices that we usually notice in the action movies with bank roberries, assassinations and other funny stuff. In Angel Beats! and Ookami-san though, they use it to infiltrate the school. (Uh oh, I can feel thrills all over my body) And of course just like in banks, there are these funny camera rooms where you can see the whole building, it just asks ‘please come here with your cool hi-tech devices and infiltrate this building’. But of course, at some point the connection will be broken to put some spicy drama on the top.

4. Random drama all of the sudden. (Also, ridiculously mixed genres)

Oh no, it’s HIM!

Here and there we couldn’t see it coming. Just out of sudden the comedyish animu becomes so sad that we can feel the pressure on our throats, because they try so hard to unforeseeable make us feel miserable and sorry. And then the very next minute we get back to the comedy that was hiding on top of a rainbow.  In AB! it was related to characters’ past, and in Ookami-san it didn’t go much further than that. Of course it’s just a small dose for now, just so later they can continue it with even more dramatic entrance, leading to a hug, kiss or ‘I will never let you get hurt’ kind of scene. Atleast there’s that kind of bridge between the Romance and Drama, but when we think about Drama and Comedy.. In both series at some point you ask yourself ‘Wait.. I’m not supposed to laugh now?’.

5. Freaks show asking for fandoms.

The result of mixing Anime with Harry Potter, Little Detective’s Novel, Red-Hooded girl, Casanova and a guy jumping off a plane.

It’s quite obvious that the key to having lots of fans in a typical serie is to throw in lots of weirdos who look ridiculously even by standing still. So how did Key realise the idea? They chose some nice combination but didn’t think twice about developping them. The difference in Ookami-san is that they didn’t chose good, but aswell didn’t consider giving them some depth. I mean just look at them – It’s like someone went ‘Hmm.. Everyone likes Maid.. But guys, let’s be orginal, let’s get a maid who… Who is maiding all the time! A-HA!’. Suuure. Also, the fact that they didn’t explain why the girl in the middle wears wizard’s clothes tells me only that she’s mentally retarded, as there’s no other explanation and surely won’t ever be.

6. Retarded plot that doesn’t make much sense.

Oh yes we will do what you want, also would you like a drink?

Going to the Afterlife which appears to be the school life with a murderous hacker Angel  or being a part of organisation fulfilling random requests just so the customers have to pay them back someday makes as much sense as Gintama’s careless aliens world, with the difference that the creators can yell loudly that it’s for the lols, and in our little drama series they must  think of a finale that would somehow save it from the unavoidable doom. Went well in AB!, huh? We’ll see about Ookami.

7. Cute main heroine who looked badass at first.

Do you realise you fight with Neko-Neko Knuckles?

The very reason in both Anime was that one importantly cute persona who just wouldn’t let me stop watching it. Be it overgrown Taiga with Neko Neko Knuckles or Tenshi-chan with her Sonic Blade – It’s just lovely to see them doing anything, no matter how retarded it is. And of course, at first Ookami looked like a mad tiger, but then she put her weapons on. In Angel’s case, we started crying the moment she got shot.

I think I made my point now, so you can realise that there are many similarities connecting these series. It’s mostly because in the last seasons we’re experiencing very lazy and repetitive shows, even the genres don’t go much further than comedy drama and romance. It’s just bound that they all get to the same bucket filled with cliche crap, that won’t go far unless it has a good producer that can make it shine no matter how flat and senseless it truly is.

4 comments on “Why Ookami-san is Angel Beats’ bro

  1. I have to admit that it’s pretty enjoyable when you are NOT watching it.
    Didn’t watch it since 3rd episode and I’m having so much fun.

  2. haha.

    I actually enjoy this show. And I don’t even take it seriously one bit. Though, you do got a point…

    The plot makes no sense. Then again, I didn’t think Okamisan even had a plot…

    • Weell, I enjoy too little in it, so I’ve decided to drop it before third hand grows out of my chest just to help me triple facepalm at the romance scenes in it.

      Point taken, I had hard time trying to figure out what it’s about.

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