The Happiest Moments in Anime

C.C is eating pizza.. Oh happiness!

In each of our favourite series, there are these exceptionally pleasant factors that make us giggle or smile and reconsider the overall opinion about it. It’s obviously connected to our personal taste, like for example Yaoi fangirls will love to see Lelouch and Suzaku smiling at each other, while I’ll get upset that C.C wasn’t radiating moeness on the screen for the last 2 minutes.  But sometimes these can be more universal than personal, like when Kira falls in L‘s trap and reveals the fact that he’s in Japan, every one of us felt excited about that one. This post will be about these things, that atleast most of us love to see. So following the last example, the first to come are the…

Plot Twists

(Preferrably in another plot twist)


Lol kidding, just as planned

Be it L teamworking with Kira, or the cat stealing Lulu’s helm, we all like when the action suddenly goes in another direction, that’s the most basic rule to keep us watching, because then we feel excited about it, and feel the thrill that makes everything uncertain and mysterious once again. And now let’s consider the possibility of a double plot twist, which is quite common in series that follow the great minds of geniuses. It happens when for instance Lelouch makes a plan to rescue his companions, but middleway something goes wrong and whoa – we’re amused, he actually made a mistake, someone saw right through him. Now that we believe in it, suddenly it turns out it was all part of the plan, and everything goes alright. Now that’s just damn gorgerous, that’s why you don’t have to worry what genre someone likes when he or she asks you ‘I’m not really into Anime, but what would you suggest me to try?‘ – You just say – ‘Death Note‘.

The next thing that makes us so damn happy that we feel like eating our favourite pizza is…

The Death of an Incredibly Annoying Character


Yes, I might just have spoiled you the ending of the latest Shiki episode, but honestly – do you think annoyed or relieved about it? That lipstick guy was the biggest moron I’ve seen in Anime for atleast the last year. Now I do realise some people do hate characters like Haruhi Suzumiya while they’re in fact considered awesome and famous, yet when we think about some side character that only appeared to whine and/or fail to do something, all we feel is hatred and imagine the sociopathic dream of killing them. And then it suddenly happens! ( Okay, maybe it’s not as satisfying in Anime like Shiki where dead people tend to go around and bite people but still, you get my point). The biggest source of that entertainment was certainly Jigoku Shoujo, filled with idiots who were sent to hell, but then we realise that in this serie they’re limitless and to make you truly happy, the whole planet would be necessary to blow up. Okay at this point we’re smiling like the devil, now what makes us go further than that?…

Clever References

Kagami, ari~!   \( `w`)/

Here the greatest source is Lucky Star, this serie is just filled with the parodies, anime and games references. If you like LS, then there’s no way you didn’t enjoy seeing girls playing MMORPG and using the slang. Not to mention Code Geass parodies! They’re so damn common now, you surely remember laughing at that:

He’s still trying to get Himeji killed.

Also we can’t forget Gintama, where parodies reach even very old series and games (Dragon Quest, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball).

And my favourite episode, which was all about ‘How characters think the Gintama Anime should look like‘, damn parodies flood.

When we think about Shounens and what we really like about it…

Sudden Power-up + New Awesome Form

That’s just classy

And that’s just awesome

There’s not much to say here, apart from the fact that it works THE FIRST TIME, and then every next power-up is less cool.

Following the trail, it’s also lovely when the..

Hero Comes Back

Stronger, slightly different, sometimes with beard and drinking addiction, but still.. Awesomer. Usually they just go for secret training in the basement where time goes slower, but sometimes it will just skip the time and then get back to it later on.

But there’s also that kind of emotion we all share with the Anime characters, and love it when they pass it on to us. What’s that?

The Motivation

Just seeing the girls in K-On! playing their instruments can motivate us so strongly, that we consider playing one of these. But it’s not only that, sometimes the characters get pumped up, their eyes get all serious and then we can feel the fabulous flow emitting from the screen.

Nostalgia overkill

Usually we can see it in Shounens, when the main characters get all motivated to get to their goal. But there is also Soul Hunter which had such a big influence on my childhood that I felt like running around and hitting people with a Car Antenna.

Fullmetal Alchemist was the anime that showed the motivation going through characters veins like no other. Simply beautifully.

Things like that are indeed factors that make us enjoy the series way more, just look at all these Anime series that don’t have any surprises, funny references but only cliche jokes, no developping characters or time-manipulations (Now that you think about it, CG, DN, DTB, FMA all had it!), they simply are boring and suck. Instead of the depth, we get big boobies and zombies trying to eat girls’ pantsu. If it’s a horror, you don’t put in characters that we want to see dead because then it’s not scary, it’s simply annoying. What’s the point in doing that? Exactly. There’s no point.

TLDNR: Shiki and HOTD suck, cause it has nothing that we love Anime for.

4 comments on “The Happiest Moments in Anime

  1. Wow I need to watch more Gintama I knew they poked fun at bleach but thats still great!

    Nice post by the way lots of great shows a few I haven’t seen before so ill have to look for them thanks!

    • You’re welcome, and by the way, Gintama has two must-see episodes so far: ep. 50 and the ep. about the toilet, sorry can’t remember which one was it, something 70 or 80ish.

      And I think 89 was the one with Bleach parodies, wasn’t that funny but still quite enjoyable.

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