K-On! x Persona 4 x DRRR!!

I’ve recently found out that there are some professional AMVs that edit K-On!/Durarara!! Ops/Eds in P4 style. Looking just awesome, check it out!

This one is just incredible. Oh damn I wish Yukiko and Chie looked that way.

Okay this one is a bit incomplete, but still… It’s the newest K-On! ending

And finally, the most famous Ending lately for its simplicity that enables people to mess with it changing the characters to some other Anime – DRRR!! – Trust me. This one is the most professional I’ve seen really.

And that would be all I’ve found. N’joy.

2 comments on “K-On! x Persona 4 x DRRR!!

  1. Whoa! nice video finds! I haven’t seen much Persona but they sure did a good job on the video edits very cool, wonder how long those took to make? guess photoshop pros! thats one program I must learn..

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