Summer’s Worst Anime Ending Themes

Top five losers of this season. They are especially lazy and exist only to keep the rule rather than satisfy anyone. Here ladies and gentlemen, comes the failness:

5. Asobi ni Iku yo!

Alright, maybe it’s not THAT bad, I mean music doesn’t screw your ear drums and there’s some animation included (If you look closely enough you can see that the hair moves!). Although the character’s movements were rather unnecessary, especially at the end when she started moronically (cool word) laughing. But hey, comparing to what is yet to come, this one is best among the worst!

4. Nurarihyon no Mago

Now that’s some static baby for us. The music is quite horrid, the characters look nice in chibi forms, but they barely move. There are only few frames for each character, including the movement of the lips that by the way, are awfully poorly synched. (Or it just looks like it because it’s all so static). Then at the end it suddnely goes all into swift animation showing only three most important girls of this Animu and bam!, it’s over. Not my usual and awsum shounen shoujo dance really…

3. Occult Academy

Now you might want to ask why it’s not the worst one.. Uh… I have no idea. I really hate the whole idea of putting random cosplayers who look nothing like orginal characters (Wrong age, wrong figure, wrong hairstyles, wrong faces) and just lie down there being completely unfitting to the Anime, but I guess the music isn’t that terrible and …Oh fuck it, I just like Occult Academy more than the next two. This ending is goddamn terrible.

2. Ookami-san

This one is completely dreadful in both music and the animation. The static 2d got boring few years ago, but they still put it in some crappy Anime like Nyan koi!. But now that I think about it, both of these series are just as terrible in the comedy and plot that they kinda deserve something that lousy.

And the winner… (sort of!)

1. High School of the Dead (L!)

One. Fucking, Picture.

Okay there are more, but face it, this one is somehow supposed to be ‘important in middle of an unimportant space’. Nothing moves, only camera. I knew this anime was lazy when I saw the first 5 minutes of it, but that is something far beyond the border. Here goes my question: why bring Manga to screen if you can’t afford it and use cheap tricks to make it look barely watch-able? It’s 2010 and HotD looks worse then these from the beginning of this century. Just wow.

6 comments on “Summer’s Worst Anime Ending Themes

  1. Got to admit that HOTD fails in its ED. The best evidence of this is the fact that after 7 episodes, I still haven’t watch the ED fully, not even once! I just jump ahead.

    Asobi ni Iku yo!’s ED is actually nice, imo. The subtle movements is kind of interesting to me.

    • I haven’t watched it too, I’ve stopped the very moment I had noticed that it’s a one picture being zoomed out.

      Asobi was the unlucky one that was worst among the ones that I couldn’t call ‘completely bad’. It could be aswell 4 worst endings, but after all 5 is more ‘complete’ so I had to sacrifice one that is not a definite disaster. :P

  2. Screw with the animation of the ending theme. Ending theme is just all about the song so i barely pay much attention to the animation. And HOTD ending being the worst is just to much man, because you have to consider the song, EACH ENDING HAS IT’S OWN SONG !!. Not many anime can do this, and the songs are all super cool…. Check that out!!!

    • Well, in my list I’ve considered both the animation and music. You might like it to be static when the music is really catchy – sure, but wouldn’t it be better if it was more than that? Why would you even watch it when listening is all you care about?

      Comparing to the others, this one was really lazy. You can get a good song for your Anime as a producer, but making it fit is something else, and that’s what I was judging.

      • Well, i guess we just have different taste. Correct me if i’m wrong but as far as i know any anime ending are lack of animation and maybe fitness too, so the song is main issue here. If it’s good then it can cover the animation, but if it isn’t even i don’t bother seeing it.
        So, why don’t we make the best summer anime opening list ??, or maybe the best opening and ending song ???

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