Confirmed: Shiki kills you

Oh fuck you.

I’ve just came back from the Hospital having the worst pain ever that they had to cure with 5 different antibiotics so I would stop running around punching the walls in despair and pain.

They say it’s my kidney, which supposedly has some stones/sand in it and its kinda pregnant.

Well I say, it’s the 7 episodes of Shiki I’ve watched. Not to mention, that my mate who also regularly watches it went to hospital just few days before me with a parasite infection. Coincidence? No, the lipstick guy.

*Words marked with the blood* BE CAREFUL

6 comments on “Confirmed: Shiki kills you

      • Hey, i’m still sane too.. i mean feed those supersitious-shiki-kills-you-thingy to the dogs. I watched shiki too u’know, don’t want get some stupid accident because believing some shit like that :p

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