Greatest Summer Anime Songs

Following darc_en_art‘s suggestion, I’ve picked the most enjoyable tracks that appeared in this season’s Anime series. Surely nominating the winners feels better than choosing the losers ( `w`)

As usually, the top list form to make things harder and decide what I’ve liked the most…



If there’s something Shiki is worth watching for, then it’s the opening song. It’s just so rhytmical, dark and addicting, especially the melody. The lyrics are sticking to the brain and also fit the atmosphere. Surely one of the best in this season.


Shouko Nakagawa 「Flying Humanoid」

Dynamic, harsh music in the combination with Shouko’s determined voice that fits Maya‘s character. This one is without a doubt, more of an adventurous than emotional song. Keeps changing the rhytm, and the refrain is quite awesome.


Monkey Majik 「Fast Forward」

It’s quite basic for the Shounen series to have nice opening songs. Nurarihyon didn’t stay behind the scheme, jumping in the Anime industry with a very lively track. Instrumental play isn’t the greatest, but the catchy refrain and different ‘feeling’ in each part of the song make it sweet.


Kishida Kyoudan 「Highschool of the Dead」

Even though I’m not watching the serie, I can’t help it but listen to the Opening song, which in this case is something between dramatic,  dark and motivation-induced song. It’s rhytmical with a cool melody and amazing jumps to a different stages, certainly would fit to other Anime that don’t include zombies and ecchi scenes.


Yoko Hikasa 「No, Thank You!」

Yoko never ceases to amuse me with her incredible and certainly fetching songs. Of course, it’s not as great as the legendary track ‘Don’t Say Lazy!‘, but it’s still way above the ‘average good anime songs’.


Ceui 「Truth of my Destiny」

And the greatest of them – to my surprise was the Ceui’s song. Truth of my Destiny apart from a truly epic melody has incredibly sweet vocal. The song itself isn’t either sad or especially happy, it stays perfectly on the middle. The optimal part of the song is certainly the refrain, it’s just so refreshing and heart-warming. Certainly I won’t get bored of it too fast.

And that would be all, I wonder if I skipped something good from one of the series I’m not following? If so, please inform me about it, I’d gladly add another one to my playlist.

Edit: After all Kuchizuke deserves 6th spot more than Amagami SS’ opening. I excluded it before because it’s only in TV version now, but still I’m damn sure the full one will be still good.

4 comments on “Greatest Summer Anime Songs

  1. Oh Velore, if you’re a girl i want to kiss u now, thanks dude for granting my silly suggestion :p

    Very good list, some of it my fave too, but if it’s me i would replace ‘amagami’ opening with ‘occult gakuin’ ending ( Kimi ga Iru Kara by Ayahi Takagaki ), despite the stupid-no-look-alike-cosplayer the song is fairly good.

    I think you can consider ‘Ookami-san’ opening ( Ready Go! by May’n), ‘Shiki’ opening (Kuchizuke by Buck-tic), ‘Asobi no Iku Yo’ opening (Now Loading…Sky! by Sphere), and ‘Shukufuku no Campanella’ opening (Shiawase no Tsuki Yori Takaku by Aki Misato) and ending (Mirai Kaikisen by Miyuki Hashimoto) both worth listening too.

    And if u can step back back one season i will definitely add all of ‘Angel Beats’ songs in my list, it’s just too cool, Girls Dead Monster rocks!!!

    • That was a good idea, had some good time doing it :P

      I’ve considered Occult’s ending, but in the end decided that I’d rather have one song from each Anime, to give it more variety. (I wouldn’t if there was some huge difference though).

      Ookami-san Op comparing to the 5 I chose has quite poor sound, I don’t know how to justify it, but really I couldn’t enjoy anything in it except for the refrain, but then again.. When I don’t see Ookami with her neko neko knuckles I don’t really feel like listening to it :P

      Kuchizuke is on my playlist for a loong time now, really enjoying it but it hasn’t got full version yet, that’s why I excluded it. It’s the only thing that I really enjoy in Shiki so far lol. Asobi ni Iku yo also is better than Amagami’s Op, if I knew it before then it would surely be there, thanks for recommending btw.

      Angel Beats had great songs.. but then again, they would dominate the toplist :P

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