Occult Academy 08 – Don’t mind it!

So we herd u liek occult...

The episode was so full of bullshit that I’ve decided to show it in the simpliest way possible – images!


Don't mind it.It's just a bloodsucked cow

Don't mind it, it's just monstrous la chupacabra sucking your friend's blood

Don't mind it, we're just killing some time while our friend is getting dry


Don't mind me, I'm just sensing her reiatsu

Don't mind it, it's just a purpleblooded alien.

Don't mind it, These metal sticks are REALLY sharp

Don't mind it, it's just a selfreloading crossbow with the autoaim

Don't mind me, it's just a fake smile anyway

This serie became so hopeless, it’s just random and boring when instead of occult and comedy(other than meganemeganemegane) we get friendship issues. Maybe it can still get better when it focuses on the main plot.

Btw. I am pretty much sure that the secretary from the school is an.. Alien. Yes, you heard me. Shocking huh?

5 comments on “Occult Academy 08 – Don’t mind it!

  1. Well if u just feel this is some full-of-crap-story after watching 8th episode then u late dude. I smack my head to the wall even after just watching the 1st episode, dead old man possessed by some-outrageous-demon-what-lord then haunting the school is just too much for my ass.

    The one thing that make me still stick to the series aside from the opening and ending song is..MAYA-sama. Oh, i just love tsundere…..:p

    • In the first episodes the randomness wasn’t that bad, cause it was mostly the comedy. Then few episodes later suddenly DRAMAAAA! .. Megane gets lost in ‘the afterlife’. At this point you realise that the bullshitness from the comedy holds on to the other genres.

      Oh yes, Maya is the main reason we’re all watching it. All we need now is Senjo in here.

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