Three Awesome But Unnoticed Anime Comedies

Finally back to the web-by world, I am going to introduce the 3 pearls that people tend to overlook or intentionally ignore when in fact, they’re the funniest Anime out there, you just have to swim right around Azumanga Daioh and Suzumiya Harurhi and voila, awesomness.

Although I can think of atleast 5, I’ve skipped some just because they can be very taste-dependant, the ones I dropped were: Orochuban Ebichu, because it’s quite hentaish with a hamster (One of you might lose one in your childhood and I’m being empathic here!)  and also Maria†Holic which is awfully lesbian and ecchi, but if you don’t mind these two being in there for a great comedy and parody scenes then it’s also a must-see.

Getting to the point, I’m going to place them on spots 3-2-1 and obviously the places are dependant on my laugh-o-meter. Here we go:


Welcome to the NHK!

(NHK ni Youkoso!)

Very short synopsis: Satou is a Hikkimori, kind of a creepy guy who never leaves home, being scared of people and thinking that everything around is a conspiracy against him. Then he meets a girl who wants to help him get over it, so the story pretty much involves him fighting against his fears. It can be sad but damn funny.

.. Also called ‘Nerd Anime’ or ‘Fuck, this Anime is about me!’, because it’s not hard to fall prey to the dramatic atmosphere surrounding the main hero. But I’m not going to introduce that part to you, going right through to the Comedy, which in this case is just an astonishing example of the Japanese culture parody(Just more direct and concrete than Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) mixed with stereotypical and frantic characters who can make you laugh just with their unusual thoughts.

Mostly I’ve laughed at the way main hero reacts to the world as a Hikkimori but the other characters didn’t stay much behind with their crazy-ass ideas and fetishes. The other important ones are Misaki, an adorable girl who’s trying to cure Satou’s fears with her cutely dumb ideas. But this show wouldn’t be as great without the extremelly typical and Shinpachi-sh otaku who is planning to create an ero-game with Satou as a way to enter the game industry. Now imagine that crazy Nerd and mad Otaku creating a game together, marvelous comedy scenes are unavoidable.

While most of the funny parts are about the characters going nuts, the variety in which they do so is just stunning. There are video games, Otaku rooms, Otaku shops, even the ‘OUTSIDE’ . There’s no way you can get bored while watching it, unless you really hate Japanese culture… Which means that’s in 99% must-see show for you.


Detroit Metal City

Very short synopsis: Negishi is a nice and sensitive guy who loves swedish pop and plays his self-made songs on the guitar. He accidentally joins the death metal club ‘Detroit Metal City’ and then bunch of misunderstandings make his on-stage persona called ‘Krauser’ become more and more popular making him unable to leave the band.

That one is probably the most unnoticed title. It’s just so transparent for some reason, that probably many of you didn’t know that it exists. And the shortcut DMC doesn’t help much because of Devil May Cry standing way above with the popularity.

Comparing to NHK, this one is ALL about the comedy, parody and GROTEESQUEE. It’s just literally filled with all kinds of Death Metal jokes. Mostly about characters, main hero, the band and DMC’s fans. Each episode is only about 10 minuts long, and its pace is so damn fast that you can’t even tell how long the timeskips between the scenes are. I loved how the screen turned to a rectangle filling the rest with black to make a better focus on the scene. I’ve really never seen any other serie spamming it like that in such an elegant manner.

The comedy here is stricly connected to accidents and the ways main hero deals with them, what always leads to a funny and absurd scene. Everything he tries to do happens in the opposite, making him look like a total nutjob, while he’s in fact a soft and delicate person inside. The other characters include the band’s masochist – capitalism pig, and two less important guys who just try to do their best at drums and guitar. Right after Negishi my favourite here is the Manager, she’s just so awesome with her english phrases out of blue, like ‘FUCK! You rock Negishi, I’m all wet!’ .

In this very odd kind of Anime, we get to see the importance of a crowd. In the other two titles it doesn’t mean much, but here you’ll just love how the dumb death metal fans will misunderstand EVERYTHING and make something fun out of it. That aspect makes it incredibly special and completely must-see for every Anime comedy fan.


Jungle wa Itsumo hare nochi Guu

Very short synopsis: Hare is a boy living in the jungle with his mother and friends, one day out of blue mysterious girl called Guu shows up. As it turns out she is some kind of monster out of this world, who intentionally makes Hare’s life dangerous and miserable in the funniest manners possible.

This serie is one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen, and it makes me feel like crying when I hear that someone hasn’t watched it yet. Now now, slow down there, it’s not an Anime aimed for children, it’s aimed for your soon-to-be-laughing face.

I know that some series can have very putting-off lineart and graphics, that make you ignore it because you immediately judge it by cover. No worries here, we just tend to do thinks mechanically sometimes. That’s exactly why Hare nochi Guu isn’t above Haruhi Suzumiya yet. Well, technically it IS very simple and absurd, but once you get through about 4 episodes you realise that it’s just perfect that way. I’m 100% confident that you’ll love Guu just like me, as she’s one of the greatest characters of all time. At first she looks completely villainish but then you learn more and more about her intentions. Even though it’s as simple as it is, you realise that it holds everything important – crazy ass comedy scenes, characters development and obviously like any other good serie, lecture about morales imperceptibly injected to our brains.

What’s gonna make you laugh – well, here we also face comedy related to crazy characters’ personalities, but also wide spectrum of creatures and mysterious things that jumped right out of creator’s colorful imagination that just make the world in this serie unique. The light atmosphere and unpredictable events make it both surprising and exciting, making us hurry to the next episode of hard laughter.

What impresses me the most about this serie, is that I always come back to it. I’ve watched all 3 series for like 4 times already, and I can smell the 5th one coming! Yes, it’s just that good.

Want to share some comedies that you loved and people seem to underestimate/unnotice? Please do so, I might find something new for myself that way.

4 comments on “Three Awesome But Unnoticed Anime Comedies

  1. Anime comedy is one of the genres that doesn’t do much for me and when I do find some that I like, I tend to save them for later viewing. And you picked the ones that I have watched/am saving.

    Welcome to the NHK hit really close to home so there were scenes where I had to juggle feeling uncomfortable and laughing but was overall pretty great.

    DMC is one that I am saving, the episodes I have seen have not disappointed. This is a show that could easily become popular among Metalocalypse fans if it found a right venue.

    Hare and Guu is another I am saving. Can’t say much but did enjoy what I saw.

    Also, have you seen Cromartie High School? Its a pretty good show but like most comedy anime I can only take it on small doses.

    • Yes, NHK is certainly close to ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘disturbingly dramatic’, but the comedy is great indeed.

      DMC might remain unnoticed because of its light and careless figure, it’s very short after all.

      I certainly don’t have a problem following Comedy Anime unless it’s Gintama or Haruhi. In your case I’d highly recommend to watch one episode daily at some certain time, if you catch the routine like that, you’re certainly going to look forward to it and keep going. (Worked for me with Gintama, lol)

      Yes, I’ve watched Cromartie, was really good but I’ve decided to leave it behind because of the way it got worse further in the .. uh.. ‘story’. Still was worth the time. Absurd comedy for the wins.

  2. Nice list I love NHK it’s so funny, I died laughing when everything came to life to talk to him..good times also when he attempted to smash the bottle with his hand! lmao.

    • There was lots of fabulous moments, the ones I remember the most are when they were creating the game (Go to hell bitches!), and the MMORPG addiction scenes.

      Soon I’ll have to rewatch it cause I’ve forgot most of the story.

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