Darker Channel – Butterfly Aizen / Aizen’s Evolution

Another Bleach pages, another meme. This one is about the forms that Aizen took via Hogyouku. If you’re not up-to-date with Bleach, care for spoilers! If you are, well, here’s a little compensation, n’joy.

The meme concerning Aizen’s evolution started long ago, everyone made fun of the cocoon. Some even said something like ‘Imagine him turning into butterfly now‘..  Well, this joke sprouted some wings.. He he.

Yes. Aizen actually turned into a butterfly in a dress. Parodies were simply inevitable.

Demotivational Posters

1. Obviously, Pokemon parody

2. Disturbingly possible

3. Bufflies

4. Pokemon again, but this one has a good point

5. He can still grow sparkling antennas on his forehead though…

6. Or does he.. Maybe there are white sparkles on the background.

Manga Parodies


2. Christ, Kuroshitsuji AND Aizen butterfly, this is way too gay.

3. What’s this I don’t even…

Comic Parodies (Hall of fame)

1. This one actually came out BEFORE Aizen became a butterfly, that fact gave me a big laugh.

2. Pwetty Aizens..

3. Oh shi-

4. Ok this one made me laugh for a good while, definitely my favourite parody. *giggle*

Aaand that would be all concerning Aizens for today. Parodies about Butterfly with tentacles are yet to come.

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