Back to Guild Wars! What’s there left to do?

Guild Wars 2 is approaching with big steps, and that’s the best moment to come back to Guild Wars and enjoy it’s unique nature, that will soon collapse as the sequel differs in many ways, making it way more like WoW.

I’m not saying we won’t be able to play GW, of course we will, the servers will stay on even after the sequel. The thing is though, the latest expansion ‘Eye of the North‘ introduced a chamber called Hall of Monuments. What’s so special about it? Well, ya can display the best armors/weapons/achievments in it, also pets(characters birthday gifts) and Bots with special gears.

And ArenaNet said something funny: For the account’s achievments registered in Hall of Monuments players will receive special items in GW2. But they haven’t said WHAT it is, just that it won’t make us overpowered over other players.

If you ask me, keeping this whole thing secret is damn dumb. Why? Well, mostly because WE DON’T KNOW IF IT’S WORTH IT! Also, there are several things to register on each podium, you can register one or 20 miniatures (then they lose some of their sell value) but does it matter when I receive GW2 reward? .. Hell knows. The only good thing is that we will be able to register achievments even after GW2 premiere.

Well, I’m planning to get atleast one worthy achievment on each podium. Just to make sure that in case that only one is enough, I’ll get all bonuses. What I’ve done and what I’m planning to atm:


– About 20 different miniatures dedicated to the ‘Devotion‘ pedestal.

– Two expensive armors registered on the ‘Resilence‘ pedestal.

– Four statues(3 on the picture) for beating up last bosses in Tyria, Elona and Cantha and completing final quest in Sorrow’s Furnance, registered on the ‘Honor‘ pedestal.

Which leaves me:

– Special Hero Armor for the ‘Fellowship‘ pedestal.

– Beating up special boss: Mallyx in Nightfall for the ‘Honor‘ pedestal.

– Destructor  weapon for ‘Valor‘ pedestal.

The first and third requiere just money, which I fortunately have as I sold Wintergreen weapons, which were worth nothing few years ago but now turned out to be limited and their prices skyjumped :3

Mallyx is the trouble though, he’s considered the strongest boss in whole Guild Wars, as you can’t even reach him without spending at least 3 hours in a full-people squad with leveled Lightbringer achievment, which is a pain in ass to grind.

Lots to do… I better get started.

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