Dragon Ball Kai – Mini review

Type: TV

Episodes: 97

Score: 4,0/5,0

Dragon Ball Kai, as you probably know already, is a remake of the incredibly famous serie called (you guessed it) Dragon Ball Z. The main difference is the length, as the new version is supposed to be fit in only half of the Z‘s time, thanks to cutting off the fillers, as there’s no time pressure, this one is actually more based on the orginal Manga. Then we also have polished graphics and completely new Opening/Ending themes.

I can’t hide that I was utterly disappointed when I heard about it, with the experience of Slayers getting killed with the new series (Pokem-…Revolution), I could imagine only the worst. Then there were these gossips going around that it’s censored made it practically impossible for me to feel like checking it out. And yet finally the nostalgia hit me out of sudden and .. Well.. 74 episodes in the show!

So, what changed?

Just like in the orginal serie, everything started with Raditz’s arrival on Earth, followed up by Vegeta and Nappa, and after the Saiyan saga came Freeza saga. Now finally 74 epidoes reach to the climax of Android Saga. So the first visible difference is the number of episodes,  so much happened and only seventy are behind us. The next,  this time painful change, is that some of the voice actors had to be replaced, but only side-ones like Nappa, so it doesn’t matter much. Then comes the censorship, in fact there is some, but the blood is still there, people still get stabbed, exploded, MURDERED so it’s still all good. It never was supposed to be gore anyway.

I grew up, now what?

No doubt we all did(Unless you still do all these weird poses trying to gather some energy), but why would it matter? You can find adults watching cartoons from the old times, and just like them, we don’t do it because the plot is still awesome or that we still are childish, but simply because the nostalgia from the childhood and the memory of that excitement we felt when Goku threw his first Genki-dama. If you loved it, you’ll love to see it again, even if you’ll see many flaws this time.

It’s still pretty long, seems like waste of time…

If you never watched Dragon Ball, and simply look for something short, then indeed it could be a waste for you. Otherwise? After all these years, I can bet you don’t remember half of the mini-plot twists. Also the fresh look makes you enjoy it once again. So if you’re really busy, would like to watch it but feel the time pressure -no worries, there’s always some time for DB in the future.

To sum up: Why Yes and why No

Let’s face it, most of us enjoy (/will enjoy)  it because of our past with the show. We grew up next to it, we didn’t care much about the dumb ways plot went or the characters’ mistakes, and because of that we will be more likely to ignore it even now. As a critic I can’t overlook the fact that I had to palm my face a few times while watching it, I mean Piccolo blowing up moon in few seconds being nothing special and Frieza blowing up one mountain in a blink of an eye is something worth sweating for made me go ‘Eh..? ‘. But that’s just how it is, sometimes it’s absurd,  sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous. The jokes still make me laugh, the fights are still enjoyable, and Namek blowing up in 5 episodes which is 5min in the show is still damn funny.

So the conclusion is, no need to bother with details, the serie is really good and it’s almost everything we should expect from a remake of a popular show. Not watching it yet? Oh you goddamn… Let me just gather some ki…

6 comments on “Dragon Ball Kai – Mini review

  1. I have been watching Kai for a while just because I really enjoyed DBZ on Toonami brings back a lot of great memories. First time seeing this in jap thou so was very different during the fights they make these odd grunts and stuff I find myself laughing during those parts lol but all and all great job wish they reanimated it because that opening artwork was like whoa! but I can see it would cost them money to redo the animation.

    • I was watching DBZ in french, so it’s also new for me to watch it in orginal form :)

      But even in french ‘the grunts’ remained so I guess only american version was lacking. As always.

  2. Also this would have been cool if they changed the story around! added new characters or something but I guess this works too.

    In french!? whoaa bet that would sound so weird O_o then again I saw a episode in spanish for like a few minutes.

    • Ye it was weird, but with polish voice over it so you couldn’t really focus on what they say, therefore most of people didn’t know it’s not orginal, lol.

      Change the story? Fans would rage big time, I just hope it stays good to the very end of Z so I can rewatch GT :P

      • Lol nice sounds interesting…

        Yeah this is very true they would rage hardcore..and Ewww GT hated that soooo lame well aside from SSJ5 I guess it was decent..can’t wait for Buu thats my favorite saga!

  3. There’s much hate about GT, SSJ5 and the enemies were also lame, but I loved it for the comedy and opening.

    Mine fav saga is Cell/Android one :3 But I liked Buu one aswell. Just too much cliche points in it, genki-dama ftw and stuff like that.

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