Fall 2010 Anime: Yosuga no Sora, MM! , Bakuman, Star Driver

Finally we can welcome the Fall Anime season. Most of the series introduced their first episodes, so it’s time to say a few words about each that matters.  Here comes first part:

Yosuga no Sora

For the whole episode I was mumbling ‘Only not incest only not incest..’, but my expectations were appearently too high. Not only that, but there were more of the bold scenes, including nakid boobies, masturbating and lesbians. Well, for me that’s definitely enough to drop it in the first episode, it was just so damn confusing and wrong. I mean come on, every single girl so far went into her blush mode the very second she saw main hero. Touch probably means instant orgasm. I’d rather watch some goddamn hentai than that crazy shit. And yes, sister coming to her twin bro’s room during night and saying ‘Make me come‘ is wrong atleast on the same level as sucking breast milk for a power-up in Qwaser. Maybe these two should join forces and it would be twin suc… Christ, nevermind. Dropped.


Another one which can be considered pretty confusing, but comparing to the title above, this one is an angel. MM! introduces totally new and totally orginal scheme, which is main heroine being tsundere that loves to hurt main hero.  The thing is, most of the series that came out this year were like that, but this one goes one step further, or more like.. To the side, as the main hero turns out to be a masochist that loves when cute girls damage his dirty body.  I pretty much enjoyed it, it’s very similar to  Tenshi Dokuro-chan, just this time there’s no mace and dying involved, still it’s pretty much the same kind of thing. But it couldn’t be just funny and weird, it had to become confusing, as there’s one girly guy who likes cross-dressing. Doh. Still, I hope it can deliver some good comedy scenes, so for now: Following.


This one looks promising, but the people who read manga keep saying that it’s only the beginning as it gets worse. Well, in that case I’ll follow it for a few episodes more, as the comedy made me laugh big time. There’s not much to say about it, I like the characters and the plot, plus the references to other series. Wish there wasn’t romance included, in that case it wouldn’t get ruined later on.. Anyway: Following.

Star Driver

This one has one crazy design. Just look at the sky, it looks damn funny, as if all possible phenomenas appearing in the space got caught in there. Not only that, but the characters remind me of Code Geass, extremelly thin and tall. But the first half of the episode was.. Fine.. until the action came in, it was just so silly and sudden that I couldn’t care much. And then the mechas… Now these look really funny, reminds a bit of NGE. Even though they don’t look too good, the fight scene was good indeed. But seriously, when they called main hero ‘Galactic Pretty Boy‘ and when he did the same, I felt my brain cells dying. WHAT KIND OF GODDAMN TITLE IS THAT?! Don’t you guys feel shame to say that loudly?.. Summing up, I didn’t like it much, but I guess for the good mecha action I can keep watching. Big advantage is that there’s no computer graphics, everything looks Animeish, apart from Ironman which turned out to be fail, but about that in the next post. Following.

3 comments on “Fall 2010 Anime: Yosuga no Sora, MM! , Bakuman, Star Driver

  1. Yosuga no sora- Watched this just to check it out don’t think its going to be a show I will watch anytime soon well maybe just to see if the sister goes school days on her brother..lol..

    Bakuman- Watched this not bad heard this was a great show, was funny seeing them talk about other popular manga.

    MM- will watch the first episode and see from what I hear from others it’s kinda boring.

    Stardriver- Really liked the first episode! then again I watch pretty much anything with Mecha at least once.

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