Fall 2010 Anime: Iron Man, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Ore no Imouto, Arakawa under the Bridge 2


The second part, introducing more crazy series.

Iron Man



This one made me open my eyes, if something is very popular as a movie, it should just stay being theĀ  goddamn movie. Same with games, as this .. Awful thing, is pretty much the same as Devil May Cry (which in this case should be called Devil may Cry may Cry). It can be hardly called Anime, as the action scenes aren’t even drawn, it’s all PC animations that look ugly and shiny. And the parts that remind you what you’re watchin, show you Starks funny, thin, eyes-beaming face and then.. Well.. I gave up. Dropped.

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Wait.. So it’s not Death Note? This is another ‘sueprnatural ghost story’ show, that comparing to Ghost Hunt lacks lots of professionalism, that is replaced with cliche ‘ eye that makes you contact dead people’ kind of thing. I can’t blame it for being unorginal shit(But then again, just look at the main character and the first episode..) as there was not much said about the main plot yet, but from what I see, ‘Magic Cat’ with a random girl fighting against serial killers doesn’t sound too promising, might watch it for a while longer just to make sure. Following.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

(God, I’m never typing it again, this anime is now officially called Ore no Imouto for me)

Mmmm… Sweet comedy potential. Otaku sister and totally boring big bro can make some funny combo. By the way, is it just me or brother is actually the one who’s weird? From our Anime fans perspective obviously. Anyway, incest possibility went down to 1%, so it’s pretty safe. Following.


Arakawa under the Bridge x2

Not much to say, another episode of the show. Everything simply goes on, and it’s still amazingly funny. You might say it’s like a happiness pill after you check out some bad serie (especially incest ones). Atleast one safe comedy, still waiting for Baka to Test 2 tho. Damn I wish these two would come out at once, that would be such an awesomnesslap. Obviously Following.

5 comments on “Fall 2010 Anime: Iron Man, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Ore no Imouto, Arakawa under the Bridge 2

  1. Iron man- was decent but I have to agree the use of CGI on the armor not so impressed with that guess they wanted to “copy” the movies and go full cgi? it will be a show I will watch when I get bored.

    Psychic detective- Haven’t seen that one yet but heard it was alright I gotta check it out later.

    Ore no imouto- Watching this one seems to be a cool story so far and great animation as well, will watch for the laughs and cute factor xD

    Arakawa- Didn’t get around to watching the first season maybe I will add to the need to watch sometime list lol

  2. You haven’t watched Arakawa? Whoa.. I can’t imagine not watching it when you actually watched whole HOTD. I mean… Why would you do that!

    Ore no Imouto – agreed

    Yea about that CGI, it’s EVERYWHERE lately, they don’t even bother to draw a goddamn wheelchair anymore.

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