Supernatural turned to Anime


Shocking news hit me lately, as one of the famous TV Shows that I actually watch and enjoy was announced to turn into Anime. (Supernatural the Animation). Two responsible producers are Madhouse and Warner Bros so we can expect something nice out of it.

The serie will be marked as OVA with the number of 22 episodes. These will include story known from the orginal show, but also some special episodes with additional scenes, including new enemies, story background etc.

Seiyuu (Voice actors) for the main characters will be Uchida Yuuya (Sam) and Touchi Hiroki (Dean). The first one gave voice to Stein in Soul Eater, while Touchi was responsible for Cross Marian in D.Gray Man.

I can honestly say, that I expect it to be just fine. This story is all about family ties, revenge, love and obviously supernatural stuff, so it’s really simple and mobile setup fitting Anime series. TV Show itself did a great job, turning the story all the way to Angels and Demons apart from only mythical creatures, making it more and more thrilling with every season, that’s what I hope to see in Anime. The only problem is the number of episodes, 22 times (supposedly) 24 min isn’t even close to 6 seasons with 50 mins episodes each, so I wonder if they cut it into seasons to make the story whole. Well I just hope they do.

For now, thumbs up.

4 comments on “Supernatural turned to Anime

  1. Can’t wait to watch this! really started getting into the show a few months ago. Will be nice to see how they translate the show into anime far as story goes, heard the Dub will include the actors who play the two main guys definitely got to grab this when its released.

    • Well, watching it in Japanese might be funny, but english dubbing isn’t much greater choice anyway. Listening to the orginal actors and not seeing their real faces might feel wrong :P

  2. True you have a point there, I shall give it a shot in jap when it comes out never know might be good. Still strange and cool to see tv shows being turned into anime makes me wonder what else is next lol! Heros the anime? might work.

    • Heroes should be Anime from the beginning, it was a poor TV show if you ask me. And that kind of X-man story is more likely to be good in the form of either Animu or a Movie.

      My opinion tho, I’m sure there are some Heroes fans who would hate me for saying that :P

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