Fall 2010 Anime: Toaru Majutsu no Index II, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Togainu no Chi, Super Robot Wars OG


And that’s probably the last post introducing Fall 2010 Anime series. This time went as far as checking Shounen Ai – Togainu no Chi, to make sure I don’t miss any good action scenes.(Definitely mean fighting ones). Apart from that, new season of Index, some unusual Maids and finally Super Robots.. So as you see, nothing really new.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II



The first season was a big disappointment, as the story had some great potential that was ruined by some random-villains-bullshit further in the episodes.  So I figured it might get back on its feet and checked out second season.. For now nothing changed, it’s still all about Church and Books and Index and Bad guys and .. Hell knows, nothing interesting yet. I have no clue what happened in the first two episodes, just some pew pew, drama out of nowhere and repeat. Following.


Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru



Honestly, when I saw a picture with Maid on it, I dropped it immediately. Then I heard that it’s actually unusual and funny so I gave it a try. First two episodes weren’t all great but somehow main heroine (Seiyuu – Maka from Soul Eater and P-ko from Arakawa Under the Bridge) made it enojyable with completely and utterly random situations and dumb ways of dealing with problems. She became a Maid having no idea how to act like one.  Not to mention that she fall in love with her Math teacher, which looks like some promising lolromance. The other characters are fine too, all of them are special in their own way, although old hag and main heroine friend (excluded in the picture above) look like damn horses. Humour isn’t all that visible, it won’t make you laugh, but lack of ecchi and typical romance stuff (that part is turned to comedy) makes it light and enjoyable. Following.


Togainu no Chi

Homo Anime with cool action scenes


I was seriously afraid to touch this one, as the genre suggests twisted love and stuff, but the trailer had only fighting scenes(Bloody ones)  so I gave it a shot. Turns out the first episode was SAFE and quite interesting, there was even a woman in there. I guess all characters were supposed to be scary and cool and mysterious, so not really anything new at the moment, but it doesn’t matter much as long as they slash each other’s throats. I just hope they’ll drop the censorship, as in first ep all you could see was blood flying here and there but no dismembering. It’s dangerous to follow it but I guess as long as romance is not involved I can keep going. Following.


Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector



Not much to say about this one, if you like Gundams – go ahead. If you don’t .. Then it’s another kind of political stuff about the government dealing with blablabla blbalablablablabal balbalbaalbalabalbalbalablabalbalablalbal. Too much talking, arrogant characters in super imba robots and some random time-jumping stuff so I didn’t really know what’s going on anymore. Couldn’t be arsed to watch whole episode not to mention whole serie.. Dropped.

6 comments on “Fall 2010 Anime: Toaru Majutsu no Index II, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Togainu no Chi, Super Robot Wars OG

  1. Toaru Majutsu no Index II– so far I enjoy the speed of this show although it could be a lot better kind of slow in some spots, nice to see some actual plot going here but I was never really interested in the mage’s but more wanting to see the physics various powers. So following it :D

    Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru– Only saw the first episode I may watch the rest up to the current episodes, I liked it so far was very funny.

    Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector– As much as I love the Mecha anime I dropped that too saw the first episode and was like this is kinda boring lol that and I never saw the other series so ya not going to watch it.

    • I know right! I wanted it to be more X-man and less CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH GUY CASTING FIRE SPELL.

      Soredemo is really nice indeed.

      Super robot wars is SO damn typical, it took all basic things from various Mecha/Gundam anime and now it’s a big shit full of default stuff.

  2. Try watching Turn A Gundam most boring of the gundam series could only watch 1 episode a day then everything happens in the last few episodes.

    Soredemo fine humour in it is alright just very slow same with Togainu just incredibly slow.

    Index just the same thing over again. Why can’t the characters get it that magic and esper powers are useless againest Touma?

    • I’ve tried watching Gundam G but it was too much for my brains. I’ve still managed to get quite far.. I just can’t remember how far, everything about it got dumped into abyss of my soon-to-be-forgotten memories.

      Yee kinda everything is too slow and Arakawa is light-fast comparing to them. ._.’

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