The Destiny Legend


Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu is doing a great job in getting me absorbed in the story. At the beginning I thought it was typical Fantasy with some bad guys, good king and adventurers to save the world, especially looking at the name… So I  didn’t really expect much. Then at some point I realised that it goes deeper than a standard ‘save the world’ setup: It presents political dilenmas, wars, advanced character development, and most importantly – what people tend to love as noticed in Higurashi series – Struggle against the destiny.

In this mini review, I’ll pour my thoughts about current (16 episodes) progress of the Anime, that keeps getting more dense and intriguing…

Well, basically whole story surrounds the three main characaters: Sion Astal who’s the king of Roland, Ferris Eris – a girl from famous Swordsmen family, and finally Ryner Lute – the most intriguing character, possessing Alpha stigma, the curse greater than any other in the story. All of them have suffered in the past and now stand strongly on their feet trying to reach their ultimate goal – peace.

Now that’s where friendship, betrayal and trust get in the way. To avoid spoilers – all I can say is that the story has all of these.  It’s a shounen after all, so the action can get quite messy. Especially when it comes to Sion and his subordinates: It looks like he could die anytime, being surrounded by monsters who just wait for his moment of weakness. Now the main question: is he going to keep his ambitions of creating peaceful nation with the least sacrifices necessary or maybe he’ll give it up, and become a merciless ruler? That’s one of the most tricky  as well as intriguing questions at this part of the show.

Then we have our pair of adventurers. Ferris doesn’t look like she went through any hardships at all, but further in the serie we learn about her tragic past, which left behind a scar in form of emotionless self. As in the beginning I thought that she’s a simple character with annoying sense of humour, now I like like her much more.

Then lastly, Ryner – lazyass with a monster inside of him. As usually in shounens, he’s the one getting rejected and sacrificed. As it turns out his curse of Alpha Stigma leads to inevitable death. Now that’s the biggest question: Is he gonna survive? Is he going to stop the monster inside of him? What I like about this character the most, is his philosophical side, he keeps wondering about the life, peace and tries to realise his own position in it. After all, he is the one who’ll have to struggle with the fate of all previous Alpha Stigma users.

Now coming back to story: It’s shattered all around, even if the world comes to peace via wars or political debates – we still don’t know if Ferris and Ryner get their happy end, that’s the best thing about the serie, it leaves you completely clueless. Not only that, it also does great job by making you wonder about life just like Ryner or the King.

The only hints we get come from Opening themes, in which case the second one is damn awesome. Ceui – Last Inferno I just keep listening to the song all the time, Ceui is definitely one of my favourite singers now. It has some amazing feeling to it. It shouldn’t spoil you much if you watch it once, but I recommend you simply get to this point in Anime to enjoy it fully, as it gets truly compelling and interesting.

Can’t wait for next episodes to find out what happens to Ryner >w<

2 comments on “The Destiny Legend

  1. Great show so far! my only complaints are it’s way to slow at the start, just saw episode 17 and the story is picking up nicely that new baddie they showed wow owned everyone almost.

    The other complaint I have with this show are the dark shadow parts in the episodes not sure if they are censoring something or just find it easy to save on animation.

    Few more episodes to go but really getting there at least for me, glad I stuck to watching it.

  2. Yep it was very slow. Before it took some heavy action – bam, 17 episodes. And I hope that badass becomes some sort of Ryner’s Master. (Basing on opening and his words that he’s looking for someone, it’s possible)

    Otherwise, he might be running away from him, as the evil guy will try to release his Alpha Stigma. But that’s less drama :<

    Censorship is a bitch like always, it would be soo much better without it. But then again, this one is all about plot rather than massacre, ain't no Berserk or Claymore. Still I agree.

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