Fall 2010 Greatest Op/Ed Themes

It was nicely surprised to find quite a few great songs this season, and so early in it too.  I’ve picked my favourites from current on-goings in a form of usual toplist, this time both animation and song count for the final verdict.

Here goes number 6...

#6 Shiki Ending II


Gekki Reijin ~Buck Tick


While I’m certainly not a fan of Shiki, which is a slow, depth-lacking piece of sparkling vampire gayness serie, this ending song has some addicting tune to it.  It just fits right in and even though I hate the show, it’s still damn enjoyable to listen to. Something familiar happened in Gundam 00 – the series itself were pretty dull, but Opening/Ending sequences had a great feeling in them. Anyway, coming back to the verdict: Animation sucks big time, naked bodies drowning in blood. Did I mention that they look hillariously stupid? Because they really do… Still, really like the song so the last spot deserved.

#5 Shiki Opening II

Calendula Requiem ~Kanon x Kanon


Definitely too much Shiki for this topic, but as I couldn’t decide which one deserves last spot more, so I made additional space (therefore 6 not 5). While the song is good, with a great pace and singer’s voice, the animation here is way better than in Ending. It’s nothing awesome, yet pretty decent and has some good feeling to it.

#4 Bakuman Ending

Bakurock ~Ya Kyim


Another pretty voice discovered with this song. Really like it, cool beat and singing phases. Can’t say much good about animation, pretty static but feels good with song. Also I always think it’s best possible one for this kind of  serie filled with promises and motivation. Makes me want to draw something ~(`w`)~

#3 Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Opening



Getting to the srs bsns now! Third spot won with the humorous characters seiyuu song, which itself is really cool to listen to, especially once you get to know the lyrics. I really love main singer’s voice (Blonde Maid), and the only drawback is the horse-face in the band. The animation is flawless, each instrument fits characters’ personalities. Also need to mention Arashima’s ‘improvisation’ in this matter, you just can’t help it and realise that even in the Ending she’s a hillarious klutz.

#2 Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Opening

Cosmos vs Alien ~Etsuko Yakushimaru


This one was barely beatable. In fact I didn’t expect anything to be more addicting than this one.. Yet my personal feelings came in and threw it on second place. Music and lyrics are incredible, it feels so random and hillariously good that I would never dare to skip it. Not only that, but animation is so fast and colorful that I can barely catch up with what happens in it. And that makes it worthwhile to rewatch, just can’t get bored of it. I’ve never expected second serie to strike with such a masterpiece but appearently it is.. The only thing that I consider better is…

#1 Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Opening II

Last Inferno ~Ceui


Now this one is just legendary. (See what I did there? ^w^)

At first I wasn’t all that impressed. I remembered some convincing scenes and great music, but then once the episode was over and I rewatched it – Now that was whole different level of awesome. Thing is, you have to blend in the plot of the story and then it becomes so damn addicting and atmosphere-building that you can’t help it but search the webs for the song. This one won against Arakawa mostly because it has more dept; it’s both intriguing and compelling, and in this case Comedy theme is a league behind in my taste. I think it goes without saying that Ceui has beautiful voice and the rhytm of her song is just amazing. Animation obviously doesn’t stay behind, it starts very slowly and then reaches it’s climax at the very last second of the Opening. Delishy piece for my senses.

I consider this season (by far) the best of 2010. It doesn’t requiere FMA or DTB to carry it, it does damn well just with the new series.

Looking forward to next songs! – Think I skipped something? Be sure to tell!

10 comments on “Fall 2010 Greatest Op/Ed Themes

  1. Like seeing Shiki appearing twice =3

    either way my top 3 would be:

    1 – Ika Musume opening – Shinryaku no Susume
    2 – World only god knows opening – God only knows
    3 – Hyakka Ryouran opening – Last vision for Last

    I think Last paradise is good but it doesn’t seem to stick in my head like the other song sadly.

  2. Great list! Shiki has some great openings/ending songs :D

    My three would be

    1- Ika Musume op– Shinryaku no susume
    2- Motto Tolove ru op–Loop-the-Loop
    3-Star Driver op– Gravity

    • Thanks.

      I dropped Star Driver as it was too.. Dumb I suppose. Went through it with AB! already and this time I don’t feel like it . I have hard time remembering opening too, lol.

      The same reason I’m not trying Ika Musume. And abuot the op.. It kinda reminds me of Lucky Star one, makes my brain go ‘Who the fuck is singing that!’.

      Still I’m quite surprised you don’t like Soredemo ed and Densetsu op more, these seem to be much more orginal in that matter :)

      • Ah ya Star Driver is getting repetitive that’s probably the only drawback to that show, guess I have always been a huge fan of Aqua Times thanks to Bleach and a few other of their opening songs.

        Your right it does have a Lucky Star feel to Ika Musume lol! it does stick in your head easily.

        Well the Densetsu opening two isn’t to bad either, probably a dead 8th or 10th if I did a fav list from one to ten.

    • That is true! I do grow tired of the song fish girl sings then starts omg mecha battle GO!!! which is 4minutes long Takuto beats bad guy and wins.

      But so far I love the soundtrack since were still on a music theme post xD Bones always has great music, loved Eureka7 and the movie Ost’s well most Bones shows anyway. Was not a fan of the Soul eater soundtrack so its hit and miss sometimes.

  3. Umm, on the contrary, I think Legendary Heroes’ OP is quite generic/standard for action fantasy series. But then again, I could not fully relate to it since I gave up on this show after one episode >_<

    • I completely agree, it indeed is very generic setup and overall – nothing special. But I really love the way characters develop, and it was shown nicely in here. Well, if it was supposed to be completely objective top list, I would put it few spots higher and probably Arakawa would be 1st in this case.

      By the way, just started watching World God Only Knows: Thanks to Nichts, and I really like the Op. I’d put it instead of Shiki but a bit late for that, doh.

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