It’s been quiet lately in here, but I have my explanation for that lazy ass of mine – had a driving test last thursday (I passed it and am like ‘drrrr!’) , as a result I had to do all sort of mental rehab in form of drinking, playing games and.. Basically doing nothing as always.

Tomorrow I’m getting myself to write some opinions about current state of on-goings that I follow, look forward to that bullshit ^w^

Also, finally decided to face the tyranny of Poland-restricted messenger, and went for MSN Messenger, I feel so international nao..

Anyway, if ya wanna talk about anime or whatever, send invite to v3lrok@gmail.com, would be nice to have other bloggers in it for info share and stuff.


2 comments on “Woooooo..

  1. Lol been there before having 0 motivation to do anything…

    Sweet I shall add you! I have msn running almost all the time, should be something foshizzel if you get a add request..xD

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