Fall 2010 Anime: Mini-reviews continuation

In previous seasons I pretty much passed on commenting most of the titles after the introduction alone, this time I’d rather say a few words about their development. Or lack of it, actually.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II

It started with a boring sideplot, where a man with crossbow on his hand attacked Touma and stole Index to save his woman, blablabla and boom, main plot. The next step in the Animu was to get back to the whole church blabla catholic blablabla church blablablabla book  storyline.  Ok, this was fine too, I expected something decent and randomly twisted after the first season anyway… But then it all went to Nuns Sparta.


This is by far, most ridiculous Animu battle of the year. (Yes, even more than Pain vs Naruto) Not only it included beating up nuns using spears, swords, fireballs but also kicking them down the stairs in Leonidas style. Did I mention that main badass in the arc was a crazy loli? Well she is.

Obviously there was also drama, and even though the group of ‘good guys’ easily beat most of them, suddenly they go all ‘Oh no, what do we do!’ and it jumps to a horror story with Nuns as zombies,  bunch of teenagers and the closed doors. Then I start scratching my head and ask myself: ‘Why exactly am I still watching it.. It got even worse than previous season’ and finally dropped it.

World God Only Knows

This one I didn’t even watch until I saw the opening theme, which appeared to be.. Exceptional. Apart from the basic ‘girl falls down from the sky’ theme and typical school girls, it’s mostly well-done comedy that amuses me with different styles. At first it was pretty much focused on main hero playing games all the time, then suddenly it jumped to romance, and again comedy of a different kind.

Then I’ve noticed a scheme: First it’s random comedy, then it’s either more random jokes or romance melodrama when finally main hero goes ‘I CAN SEE THE ENDING!’ that in the end turns into comedy anyway. And I really like laughing so.. OH SUE ME, I DON’T MIND GIRLS FALLING OFF THE SKY OKAY… No really, I hate her character but the scene itself was awkwardly fine with me. Should I see the doctor?

I like Kami-sama, he’s all ‘Dating games expert who never tried his skills in real life’ but when he goes serious I can’t help it but facepalm.. Ending and real life sound really wrong dude. Apart from that, comedy part brought me some smiles and laughs so I will surely stick to it, atleast for now.

Ore no Imouto

I think this is the only title that stays the same, the story changes but the impression is the same. I still laugh and feel nostalgic when these funny Anime-fans meetings occur, and it’s still cute when Kirino argues with Kuroneko over their different tastes and the big bro is between them trying to cluelessly help it. It’s simply awesome idea for a show that went right. Hope that doesn’t change, but at the moment I’m really interested in every next episode.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x2

Safest comedy among all, random feeling to it that never changes, just some progress in story that makes me ask myself  ‘Is that for real or is that just another crazy thing happening under the bridge that has rational explanation…’ . Well, in the end I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens existed in that show and even more so if Kappa turned out to be a.. Kappa, which would make no sense considering the part of show when everything leads to it being normal life. Confusing, but lovely.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

I was really impressed at first, but then with the next episodes I realised that the humour is pretty much transparent and redundant, rerely being funny but most of time just.. Making fun of some character. Mostly of main heroine who’s just clumsy, as if K-On! would be all about Yui doing silly stuff…Not really exciting or fun to watch in a long run, so it quickly got at the end of my ‘need to watch fast’ list. In fact, I’m having hard time watching it. Even more so cause of that animal appearing randomly and saying surprising, unfunny stuff in some annoying tone. Then again, I like most of the characters and somehow still slightly enjoy it.

So as a result, I’m left with 4 on-going comedies and none srs stuff serie turned out to be worth watching for me..  Not bad. It’s just a bit of a shame that there’s no big title like Darker than Black or FMA to come out together with it… Now that would be great.

4 comments on “Fall 2010 Anime: Mini-reviews continuation

  1. Toaru Majutsu no Index II — Going good so far guess I was always addicted to this series, when it first came out with season one I was quite bored with it. Season two up to episode seven right now and seems to be progressing for some characters, the just finished up with some Kuroko and Misaka themed episodes. But there is always room for more filler…

    World God Only Knows– Haven’t seen any episodes since they got into the pop singer half, been meaning to watch this but haven’t felt the desire to yet lol…

    Ore no Imouto– Going good so far but not much of a “story” anywhere yet that I can tell mostly looks like Kirino needs to make more friends.. also her brother seems to let her walk all over him lol she can be annoying at times.. I like Kuroneko more than Kirino xD

    Last two shows I haven’t watched much of I still need to watch the first season of Arakawa. One day! when I am bored. Soredemo I am behind on only saw the first episode..

    • Damn, you’re skipping some good series.. :P

      Still, I don’t get how Index gets so high scores on MAL, it’s such a bullshit at times. I guess Kanzaki is still hot and all.. Kinda reminds me of Angel Beats.

      WGOK – Pop singer eps are annoying, but I got through it atleast <_<

      And ye Kirino can be annoying, all kinds of bullshit tsundere.

  2. I wonder how Shaft able working at two title running at the same season when they got trouble with Bakemonogatari. For me, both Arakawa and Soremachi is enjoyable. Though Hotori VA is bit annoying and childish.

    • What trouble they got anyway?

      Bakemonogatari animation/graphics-wise was kinda two at once… I don’t remember seeing anything close to that detail, AND amusingly swift animation.

      And yup, Hotori is childish. But I love the scenes with her and the math teacher, need moar.

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