Shiki 17 – Destroy the data!

Shiki plot gets more and more intense, friends become foes and foes become .. actually, they pretty much stay as foes. Also, finally our ‘I’m gonna save this city from okiagari!’ doc does shit and goes to the dork side.  What amuses me the most, is that Shikis actually cared about his research which I imagined like that: (Image below)

..Which makes a lot of sense and it would totally bring end to the va-.. Uh sorry, almost twatlighted our poor draculas again – SHIKIS.

Not to mention all these ‘garlic doesn’t work!’ pages that went into fire.. *sniff* Waste.

4 comments on “Shiki 17 – Destroy the data!

  1. Christ, it’s pretty goddamn simple

    Stupid/Awkward/Defiling laws of gravity hairstyle = Vampire.

    How to approach :
    If stands in front of house -> stab
    If sucks -> stab
    If hairstyle -> stab
    If dead -> stab (just in case)
    If JustIn case -> stab*

    *considering his hairstyle and overall gayness he has to be a vampire. Also, brat always hides in cases.

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