Winter Season Anime 2010/2011

It’s cold, it snows so I’m pretty much sure it’s winter we’re talking about. And here’s the chart showing the new upcoming series. Yes I know I’m a bit late and I totally blame it all on the weather that keeps screwing my internets and electricity.

Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani

Genres: Comedy, Parody, Sci-fi

Status: Unsure

RAW Episodes

About: Short, animated flash show with a music that makes you think you’re playing a game. It’s in RAW atm so I wouldn’t bother watching, but I suppose it’s not going to be much more interesting with subtitles either. Atleast synopsis leaves me with that feeling.

Starry Sky

(I put that pic to spare your eyes)

Genres: Shoujo, Harem, School

Status: Not touching.


About: Soo basically, it’s another animu where all characters look like Kaoru and Hikaru (If you don’t get the reference: they look like they like each other way more than the main heroine) [..If you still don’t get it I meant gay].  And constellations of Zodiac I’d rather see in Saint Seiya. So.. Just no.



Genres: Fail. Oh and action.

Status: I’d rather start reading Marvel comic books. Like.. All of them.



About: Seriously, just look at him.. His face yells ‘Now I really am a fucking mutant’.



Genres: Uh..  Normal?

Status: Out of pure curiosity might give it a shot.



About: Looks like a decent easy-going kind of Anime. I dunno when I got interested in normal series like that, but I suppose it’s better than something like ‘Ore no Okaasan wa Maido Alien!’ which soon might exist not only in my worst nightmares.


Infinite Stratos

Genres: Sci-fi, Mecha, Action, Shounen

Status: Giving it a shot.



About: As long as it’s not filled with a bunch of lazy CGI and dumb comedy scenes that I expect to be caused by the obvious main hero’s face-sticking-to-panties magnetism, it might be fine. It’s not called Star Driver after all. Also I smell tsundere. Like A LOT of them. In fact it smells like aTsunderopocalypse. /cold breeze


Yumekui Merry

Genres: Action, Supernatural

Status: Preparing for suicidal bombardment



About: Uh.. Synopsis alone made me facepalm, a guy having a L4D survivor vision and dreaming of Nyan Koi (which is pretty damn hardcore thing to dream of if you ask me) + a girl falling on top of him. Which surely makes it sound incredibly dumb. Yet the trailer looks quite convincing, I mean it looks kinda mysterious and shit, guess I might try.


Dragon Crisis

(Aka Anime Crisis)

Genres: Sci-fi, Action

Status: … Maybe I get desperate



About: What to do when Angel girls become too typical? Don’t change anything, just make her occasionally breathe fire form her hands and say that she’s actually a dragon. Which makes perfect sense by the way, as she looks like one. Rawr. Now seriously, it looks damn dumb and cutewannabe.



Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, School, Shounen, Supernatural

Status: I’m sooo watching it! Even though it’s fucking Pierrot



About: I’ve been waiting for it ever since I saw Manga, great comedy with crazy humour and plot twists. Not to mention awesome characters.. This is just badass! Can’t wait. Only bad thing is.. Pierrot, so we can expect bad quality and fillers. Still better than nothing I say.



Genres: Mystery, Shounen

Status: BONES = Need to try it.



About: Interesting trailer and intriguing storyline, looks like Occult Academy ‘done right’. I am quite optimistic about it. Just hopefully it will make sense, cause most of the Animu lately obviously don’t want to. Oh and the name, Go-sick is pretty damn bold.


Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara nel!
(What the fuck)

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance

Status: Never, it’s obviously a troll anime made to troll people trying to write its name.


About: Ecchi crap with incest and cherry on top, I wish it dies of cancer.


Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Genres: Action, Magic

Status: I’ll check it out, but am really pessimistic



About: I dunno what the hell happened just now in that trailer but it wasn’t totally bad, atleast not as bad as it sounds in synopsis so I’ll pretty much jump in fire and see if it hurts.



Well, that would be pretty much it with the main series. As we can see, Zombies and Incest and Mechas are on roll in Japan right now..  That’s gonna be really sad Xmas. Jesus is so crying this Eve.


5 comments on “Winter Season Anime 2010/2011

  1. Hey! you updated yay :D

    Winter season is very limited for me but hey ill try all the shows at least once.

    Looking forward to
    Yumekui Merry,Gosick,Infinite Stratos,Fractile and Freezing even thou it wasn’t on your list :P Might try to follow Wolverine..even thou Iron Man sucked…

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