First Impressions: Beelzebub, Yumekui Merry, Gosick

It took way too long for the new series to hit the screens, Arakawa ended and I was literally out of series to watch.  And then the first one to come out was Starry Sky which I won’t even touch for the obvious reasons…

Anyhow, with the first episodes, my hope kinda withered, my excitement stayed transparent and finally my eyes went all ‘we beg you, don’t torture us anymore!’.  And what’s worst, there’s no Baka to Test, there’s no Arakawa, or not to mention FMA-calibre Anime to back up the season. This time, we get hit by Cats in shoes, Dragon chicks,  Demon babies, Massive hares killing, CGI ‘Mechas’, and obviously – Harems.  Key words for this season would probably be ‘cliche, odd, random, dumb,  oh and mechas’.

So yeah, I enjoy the season as much as cereal with no milk.  But meh, here are the first 3 series’ impressions:



Ok, this is the most random first ep I’ve ever seen. It even made me go all Sherlock to figure out the mysteries of this episode.  Now here’s the funniest fact: Everyone calls main hero Dark Reaper. Yeah, I know right, what the fuck. I’d rather call him a brown chicken. So the only reasonable explanation in this case is.. There is one following him and appearently it’s invisible. Moving on, he finally meets code name ‘Gold Fairy‘ who looks like a doll from Rozen Maiden series. She’s kinda cute, yet she had to be screwed up in the head. Appearently she can do some magic stuff in her brains to figure out the truth behind a mystery! (Relation to FMA Gate of Truth yet to be confirmed)

Oh! And also we get to see a case of  murder presented by a guy above with terrifying hairstyle, that is SO HARD to solve. I mean really, you need magic in your head to figure that one out.

Ok enough sarcasm, I expected it to be dark and mysterious, but instead it’s a serie that doesn’t make much sense, and when it finally does – The only mystery is how the fuck the characters didn’t figure out the answer to the ‘riddle’ without crazy doll backup.  Maybe it still can get better, but atm it doesn’t look like it. So watch out, you might go sick! Haha. Oh wow, that was a good one.

Yumekui Merry

This one was a mystery until the episode came out, and now it’s all very clear: There’s a guy who can put hand as presented above to see glittering auras of every person, and basing on that he can see if they’re gonna have nightmare later on tonight, or a happy dream about random shit. In his case, he’s getting the dumb dream every night about bunch of cats in shoes threatening his life. Appearently his dream is a space created by boss badass who he’s gonna f ight alongside the merry Merry! What’s her concern? She doesn’t remember anything so she is just gonna randomly fight him.

Also it wouldn’t be a respectable animu if there wasn’t school life of some sorts, in this case everyone knows about main hero’s special ability so I think that at some point they’ll all get included in this dream-reality thing.

Well, it wasn’t really much fun, but the animation is awesome; comic-like and all, characters’ designs are also good, so I think that’s enough to keep going with it. But of course main hero is dumb as hell, plot is so cliche and random, so I’ll just continue just to see where it’s going. Not like I have any choice looking at the rest of the shows..


I was afraid that Pierrot is going to screw the potential best-shounen-of-the-year, but the first episode was amusingly good. It was far, far away from Manga (ruined some humour scenes badly), but overall it’s still awesome, cause it’s Beelzebub and all. Oga could be a bit more badass deliquent, spamming ‘oi! konoyaro! koraaa!’ but I guess I expected too much. All other seiyuu fit fine, the graphics and animation look good but as it’s Pierrot we can expect it to become way worse with every ‘season’. Anyhow, let’s stay optimistic, atleast it’s based on great Manga so there’ll be surely some stuff to laugh about.

About the plot and its progress, I must say I like how the scenes are glued together and how dynamic they are. To be honest the only thing I can whine about is that comedy didn’t turn out exactly as it felt in Manga.

So…  *Bzzztzzt* Beelzebub, you’re my only hope!

So soon post about Dragon Crisis, Infinite Stratos and Kore wa Zombie desu ka?.. That’s gonna hurt.

5 comments on “First Impressions: Beelzebub, Yumekui Merry, Gosick

  1. I love Merry so far really good stuff there, story is a bit slow but I can see where things are going. The animation and character designs are great too, one show I will be watching and reviewing.

    Gosick is alright so far, Bones has done an amazing job on the design and era drawings! Really sets up the mood and theme nicely. Course we have some silly random characters like the unicorn hair guy lol so strange.

    Beelzebub not to bad feels so much like Fairy Tail without all the guilds and magic. Going to try and follow that but naked baby is strange! I hope they put some clothes on it soon xD

    • Well, I don’t see the resemblance to Fairy Tail, unless there were some serious deliquents spamming ‘oi!’ that I missed.

      And don’t worry about the baby, you’ll get used to it xD

      • Oh the Fairy tail thing is just about the theme they got going for it, yes not 100% the same but still interesting.

        Hahaha yeah I was told that too, guess thats what this show is going to be known for xD damn naked baby.

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