First Impressions: Dragon Crisis, Kore wa Zombie desu ka, Infinite Stratos

It’s time to go deeper! Next three:

Dragon Crisis!

Plot:   So basically, we’ve got a basic story about a normal student who suddenly gets dragged in middle of a crazy magic adventure. In this case it’s all about ‘Lost Precious’ (Yet dumbest name for artifact I’ve ever heard), which supposedly have ‘ranks’ and value dependant on them. They’re all kind of magical-nuke kind of things, something between a wand and fucking cute dragons. Anyhow, main hero is dragged into search for one of these led by his crazy-syndrome  sister.  As they successfuly steal it, the case opens and releases a cute-ish girl who turns out to be a passive-agressive dragon, who’s insanely attached to main hero, one of my theories is that she is his reincarnated dog.  She can speak only his name, even though they never met, which makes it wrong on all levels dragon x human story. Oh and also there’s that girl in school who loves him too, so expecting all kinds of love triangle situations.

Thoughts: Well, the plot is really simplistic and awful, the characters are very typical and lack slightest bits of  imagination: animal-girl who can’t talk for one episode, sexual-harrasment crazy sister, extremelly shy girl in love, dumb and boring main hero and his annoying best friend.  But other than that, watching it didn’t feel that bad. It was pretty average actually, guess I will keep going and see how the story develops, I don’t expect miracles though.

Edit: Ok, with the second ep I can say that now : That’s officially the dumbest serie of 2011. Until another ‘champion’ beats it.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?!

Plot: Ok, this one is tough. So we’ve got a main hero who is a ‘zombie’. Because appearently he died already, got revived and now ms Death is all ‘eeww not touching that!”. (Not sure about beheading here). Anyhow, he appearently likes cementeries as they feel like home, and one random day he notices a mahou shoujo (magical girl) with chainsaw in there. Then there’s lots of stabbing and chainsawing and finally they turn out living together cause he accidentaly stole her magic as a result becoming … A zombie mahou shoujo (Yet the dumbest multiclass I’ve ever seen!). I’m not even joking, that’s what happened. It’s the funniest one-episode bullshit plot I’ve seen.

Thoughts: Surprisingly, it was really good. Even though it holds on to most basic character setups,  they still have something ‘special’ that makes them different, for example – Tsun girl is a magical girl, Main hero is a zombie student, a silent girl living with the main hero – A fucking necromancer from goddamned underworld. It is indeed one of these ‘completely random shows’, but it uses that feature for comedy purposes, making it something enjoyable. Rather than going ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ I’m all ‘LOLWAT’. Definitely following this one, hope it’ll keep kickin’.

Infinite Stratos

Plot: Harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem mechas. In more detail: There’s only one guy who can pilot mechas called IS. Because of that, he’s placed in a special settlement where bunch of girls are trained to pilot these, and as he’s the only male subject, every single one of them is interested in him. Other than that, it’s full of comedy scenes of ‘pervert! *throws random item*’ kind.
Thoughts: I really don’t like it much. The comedy is just like in any other harems, maybe slightly better. There are no interesting characters as every girl is either tsundere or unimportant, and there’s of course a childhood female friend. The mechas themselves (as expected) are completely CGI-based, so it’s like watching Macross Frontier all over again. Why can’t they just draw them like in any good mecha serie? Now everything has to get ugly-animated. Well, think I’m gonna watch it when I’m really out of things to watch, otherwise I’d rather stay away from it.

That’s it from now, when it comes to series I was interested in that already came out. The beginning looked very dark and hopeless, but in the end I have 3 series that I follow happily (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, Beelzebub), two that I’m unsure about but I somehow don’t have willpower issues with (Dragon Crisis, Yumekui Merry) and finally the one that’s a bit annoying but acceptable (Gosick).

All in all, I’m satisfied ^w^ . For now.


5 comments on “First Impressions: Dragon Crisis, Kore wa Zombie desu ka, Infinite Stratos

  1. Dragon Crisis- I dunno about this one the characters look really boring to me, and the dragon girl seems cool but she got so annoying after she opened her mouth. Yes she is still “learning” but arg she seems like a super clingy Tiaga since she shares the VA lolol.

    Zombie- This show was a big surprise for me I wanted to skip this, but actually laughed so much! Usually if I can laugh at a show it quickly becomes a favorite for me. That and since I am reviewing it to sort of happy that I enjoyed it.

    Infinite Stratos- Was really put off with the CGI suits, however in episode two they show more animated suits so changed my mind on that. Harem shows typically fail with me because they get so old fast! But there are a few girls that seem interesting so I will follow it.

    • I know right! Zombie was a nice surprise there. Teh transformation scene was a bit mind-blowing though.

      About Dragon Crisis, yea I agree, she’s annoying. The whole Anime is kinda annoying because of all the dull characters.. Desperate times that I decided to keep going with it.

      It’s good to know that it’s not completely CGI in second episode, I might try it soon, thanks for telling :P

  2. 3 Average to above-average anime that happen to have harems…..Yes a good season for me definitely. :D
    Dragon Crisis: Episode 2 Rose does the unthinkable…….she talks normally…dundundun. I’m still not sure what a Breaker is though. It was an ok episode imo. I look forward to seeing how awesome Rose’s true dragon(adult) form will be.
    Zombie is awesome as always, yes its a harem MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And I love harems tho I have skip quite a number including star driver.
    Infinite Stratos: Episode 2, I loved it the action was surprisingly good. Male lead has more in common with typical mecha leads than harem ones, personality-wise imo. If only the general animation was the same as Fortune Arterial.

    • Well if you like Harem, you must love all the latest seasons, it’s like harem on a harem with a harem inside.

      Dragon Crisis 2 gave me a headache. The story is so incredibly dumb that I can barely believe it.

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