First Impressions: Level E, Fractale

Two more series that I greatly enjoy, yet didn’t watch for some time due to random factors that I cba to explain now, also you probably wonder why there’s a pizza as the post image. Well, sucks to be you, cause  I just ate pizza as  it’s International Day of Pizza and you probably didn’t know and therefore didn’t eat one  sooo… Poor you, it was really delicious. Trololo.

Now coming back to the topic…

Level E

A serie that holds so many surprises that every few minutes I can’t help it but go ‘What the fuck am I watching’. But then at some point (Three episodes later) it was more like ‘What the fu-… Oh.. It’s Level E, figures’. That’s just how it is, at first looks completely random, yet then it turns out to be an awesome act of Alien’s trolling.  This might be actually the first seriously trollish anime out there, it looks like it was made in a friggin cave. They even fool you with ‘The End’ between some of the episodes! The plot is about a blonde alien coming to earth and losing his memory. He breaks into an apartment of a guy who just moved in, and that’s where the whole rolleycoaster of lies and jokes starts. First of all we learn that Earth is inhabitated by bunch of different alien races that hide in human skin, and appearently Blonde likes to troll his own race just as much as humans.   Comedy is quite fabulous, and the badass’ery gives it an awesome touch to it.  Not the Beelzebub’s Anime poor kind, but more like ‘ OIII KONOYARO, I WILL PUNCH YAR FUCKED ALIEN FACE, KORAAAA!’ deliquent style.  It’s so intriguing, unpredictable and funny that it’s simply addicting.  Status: Following to the end of the Universe.


Fractale is a story set in a colorful and peaceful land that could remind you of FMA’s Resembool, it also has its own orginal concept – which in this case isn’t alchemy but what I like to call ‘Imaginary robo people’ (Doppels) – So called Fractale System, which idea is to help people enjoy their lifes without need for work or any effort. Yet it started to collapse in one of the villages where obviously lives our main hero. Then he meets a girl being chased and blablabla she leaves him with a new girl who’s a Doppel yet a different kind because she is able to touch some of the humans, also doesn’t disappear like the others and seems to be very emotional, cheerful. It’s that kind of heartwarming story, about morales, ideas and a little bit technology. Emotional part is also very important in the serie, but to make it all fit well, there are comedy elements aswell. Everything is nicely executed: The serie gives a feeling that it’s a light story, yet at some point it gets to a plot twist which will show that it gets more  serious and intense. All in all, I enjoy it, it feels like watching one of these old Anime Movies in new skin. Status: Definitely following.


Well, now I’m off to start creating my project: I’m planning ot make an AMV Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening. Once I finish it, I will surely make a post about it.

6 comments on “First Impressions: Level E, Fractale

  1. Level E – I absolutely cannot stand being trolled >_< the end of the 3rd episode is one of the main reasons why I'm debating whether to continue or not XD Fractale is really interesting! I wish the episodes were longer, then we wouldn't have to wait so long~

    Wow your a amv maker!?!??! cool! on youtube right? whats your username? I wanna sub :D

    • Level E is kind of comedy that can suddenly make me choke in laughter, that’s mostly why I like it :3

      I like to do Fan-Made openings, and I’ve created only one so far – with much love to Code Geass R2.

      But now that I realised, 2 years passed and I didn’t anything else, while I enjoyed greatly making that one.

      Sooo.. I got a nice idea for fan-made FMA opening, with my little experience I arleady know what to avoid and what to focus on.. Soo.. Look forward to it : )

      • Wow it really isn’t bad at all, good job I like it!:3 it must have taken a while to make that but you’ll get more experience as you practice~~ one of my dreams is to become a pro amv maker when I get older XD

  2. You made me hungry with that pIzza as main image. XD

    Anyway Fractale started nicely, but till now it’s missing decent plot progress. Looking forward to see what’s going to happen.

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