Supernatural the Animation First Thoughts

Finally found it, as appearently there are already 6 episodes out of the show. I’ve watched the first one  and considering the fact that I’m watching the orginal TV Serie I focused on all the differences, connections and came up with a list of advantages and disadvantages of the serie becoming anime.

Let’s start with connections:

– Main Plot

– Characters’ attitude and behaviour,

– Main points of side plots (Characters, how it began and how it ended),

– Similar ‘gore’, you get all the sounds and blood splashing effects but that’s pretty much it,

– Very similar atmosphere, no change in genres whatsoever.

That’s pretty much everything I could think of.  Now let’s jump to differences:

– Episodes don’t match, order of things is completely different,

– Fights, elements of ‘capture’ etc. are more anime-like (Reality goes mad)

– The feeling differs a bit, the story of Winchesters still feels a bit depressing but live actors gave it much more meaning,

It’s too soon to tell more about it, but atm. it looks pretty much like that basing on the first episode.

Basically the whole serie had lots of major turn-arounds, at some point monster-fighting story turned into Demons vs Angels vs Earth showdown, and THAT’s the part everyone loved about SN the most. So I wonder – is Anime going for that, or are they going to stick to the monster story.. But then they wouldn’t be able to finish it, unless they completely changed ending.  So here’s hope that it goes the way tv show did. And thing about Anime – The way they show everything has limitless possibilites.

And that brings me to disadvantages and advantages of Supernatural becoming Anime:

+ They can show everything that TV Serie couldn’t, for example when there was an episode about Dragons, you could just hear the wings flapping and yells of women but never actually saw it. Which was completely lame.

+ The story fits Anime universe, lots of monsters, drama etc., so some of the encounters might get interesting,

+ TV show ep lasted about 50min, while anime takes only 22min, so everything happens faster and it takes less watching,

+ They can cut off any of the worse improv episodes that weren’t in TV Show’s scenario to begin with.

– It doesn’t have as strong impact without real actors,

– Humour and jokes related to current real world (Twitter, WoW, TV Shows and other cool references) won’t fit in anymore,

– It might go different direction than the orginal show, ruining it for fans,

– It’s too unrealistic at times, especially if you’ve seen orginal series,

– The first episode was too random, jumping right into the middle of Winchester’s life without any explanation of main plot.

So at the moment – I’ll keep on watching, It was quite decent and I didn’t hate nor love it. Everything depends on how the main plot progresses now and what way will the show go.

2 comments on “Supernatural the Animation First Thoughts

  1. I seen random episodes of the original series and it was pretty scary at times D: I noticed that in every one of them, someone passes out, its pretty funny xD I’m currently downloading the anime right now, can’t wait to watch it >w<

    • TV Show had some really good episodes, but half of it was rather average. Anime looks the same tbh, 4th episode is 80% filler, which makes you wonder considering the fact that Supernatural has 6 season with 50min episodes…

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