Puella Magi Madoka Magica Hype

This show might be the most surprising Anime experience I’ve ever had. At first I’ve watched two episodes out of curiosity – I thought it was ‘slow, boring Anime with annoying fighting scenes and skirts’.  I dropped it, didn’t feel like ever watching it again. Then at some point I’ve noticed how much hype there is around the title, because appearently at episode 3 the depressing ‘Madness Rolleycoaster‘ started. introducing whole psychological aspect of the serie.

In fact it requiered a spoiler for me to pick up the serie, but when I finally watched episode 3 – I shat bricks. It simply made me rush for the next. Each one of them, gave me one more thing to think about, be it moral problem  or a  wonder about plot continuation. So yeah, I fell in love with Anime about girls in skirts and witches.

Why? Because when the action started, it just kept getting more and more intense, swiftly reaching its climax that’s about to come, as there are scheduled 12 episodes and 10 are out.  But it’s not only plot thing, the action scenes that I hated for first two episodes – they got much, much better. Music itself is awesome, reminds of Kara no Kyoukai soundtrack, just more dark. And finally, characters are really interesting. There’s much mystery behind some of them. (Kyuubey and Homura mostly) So yeah, all that constant waiting for another ep, plot twists and addictive tendencies – this show actually reminds me of Code Geass R2.

So.. Would you make a contract with QB and become another hyped-person watching dark Mahou Shoujo anime?

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

In fact, the first thing that hit me with surprise-stick was the ‘fans wave’ and the spam of images/videos related to Puella Magi. After only 4 episodes it already was so huge, that soon I’d expect to see this serie on top of MyAnimeList.net rankings. But now that I think about it.. As the best Mahou Shoujo animu ever (and a SHAFT masterpiece) it truly deserves it.

4 comments on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica Hype

  1. Yeah this show is so awesome! :D I was exactly like you and picked up the series after seeing a head bitten off spoiler, then I started getting really into it. My favorite is Homura! everything she is doing to save a friend, *sniff* it’s so sad ;A; I’m kinda glad that the show is only 12 episodes, cuz spring shows are coming and it looks like there’s gonna be a lot of good ones! XD

  2. Lost your website! Hahah but now I found it :P

    Madoka is really a suprise hit for me, going into this at first I was like oh its another typical magical girl show. But after like episode 3 things shifted after some well placed character deaths! Then I realized this is something amazing! Well death isn’t amazing. However when characters are taken out it makes things more “real” most shows like this don’t have death ever. So in short I am soooo addicted to this!

    Favorite character so far Kyoko! She will be missed… xD

    • I’m not surprised, I’m so lazy lately that I can’t even post anything!

      I love my Homu-chan :3.. But Kyoko turned out to be a nice character aswell.

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