Welcome the Spring Anime Season!

Up until now, I’ve posted charts of the new anime with guesses which ones I’m gonna like, but as unpredictable and surprising as they can get, I’ve decided to simply check out everything and then just post few words about the first imperssion, so here it goes!

Fireball Charming

Super short episode about clueless girl-robot and a giant machine having a conversation about human world. I had no idea what I’m jumping into, but somehow I enjoyed it, was a bit funny and interesting. Especially liked the animations, it’s quite hard to call it an Anime, but I guess that level of CGI is to be expected nowadays.  Delivered by Disney – 12 episodes total. (Following)

Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai


Ecchi-based romance/harem with comedy elements and a very direct feeling to it. I am surprised myself that I watched the first episode, if I read synopsis before downloading the it I’d probably never touch it. Yet here we go, first 2 minutes of the episode delivered 5 different pantsu shots, then a quick harem delivery and finally the episode starting jumping from one weirdo character to another. Of course sex/romance bullshit all over it, but guess what.. I’ve actually enjoyed it. And not because of the pantsu fanservice or squirky comedy, but actually because it was so direct. People calling each other bitches, swearing all over the place and planning a rape.. That was new! Expecting it get worse, but I guess there’s no hurt in seeing some more pantsu. Produced by Nomad, 12 episodes total. (Following)


Another school, slife of life comedy with girls taking all character slots. Basically ‘Azumanga Daioh that’s actually funny’ is what I like to call it. At first I had bad feeling, but then when I’ve actually tried it, the humour was so random and yet not completely senseless that I smiled all way through. I especially like the faces characters make, especially in shock, looks like they got a sudden heart attack and died. Produced by Kyoto Animation, 26 episodes serie. (Following)


I think there’s not much to tell about it, except that Xavieru-sama, Scotto-kun and Wolverinu-san are back. The story will be mostly focused on Phoenix, Cyclopsu-kun and Mastermindo (Or atleast it looks like that). As much as I like the animation and design of characters based on the new comic books (Except for Beast, he looks awful),  I can’t get used to watching it with Japanese voices and pronouncing. It’s just fucking weird. ‘Skotto’ shining with his naked chest in the first 5 minutes wasn’t too convincing aswell. Nevertheless, going to see where this is going, don’t want to judge plot by the first episode, but it was quite a bad start. Oh well, atleast noone shouts ‘KYAA! KAKKOI’ when Wolverine passes by. They fucking run. Madhouse – 12 episodes.


That would be it for now. We’re off to a good start!  Oh no wait, let’s not jinx it. OMAIGOTT SO HORRIBLE.


2 comments on “Welcome the Spring Anime Season!

  1. Nichijo- Awesome anime I died laughing so hard with that first episode! Can’t wait for more just to see how they top the whole hot dog scene lmao that was great! So far fun characters like Nano and Hakase both my favorites so far.

    X-Men- Good stuff! High quality animation, some characters look a bit funky like Wolverine. That aside it seems like Madhouse has got this one right! Guess they learned their lessons from Iron-man and Wolverine?Now to see how long it will last.

    Ore tachi- Saw it raw looked alright, typical harem style lots and lots of girls! Probably dropping that one.

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