More kickass comedies! (Spring Season)


That’s the word I wanted to start my season impression with for a long time. But let’s be honest – until now (or since I’m blogging atleast)  there wasn’t any as good as this one. While we loved shows like F MA or Darker than BLACK (both hit the rainbow roof and gave us a fabulous , colorful rain of happiness we wish would never end), sad truth is they were usually babysitting the season because there never was much more stuff that deserved too much attention.

And now? There isn’t one serie everyone loves more than others. (Unless we take into consideration two last eps of Madoka Magica which came out this season) Instead we have a bunch of different, interesting series to enjoy, nearly equal in every aspect, just different depending on taste.

Let’s start with my favourite genre: Comedies. Spring brought me more than I wished for, there’s really much to laugh at, starting with lesbian jokes, going through demons eating shit and ending with random Nichijouism . Soo except for Nichi and Fireball Charming which were mentioned earlier, we’ve got:

Maria†Holic: Alive

Type:  TV, sequel to Maria†Holic

Episodes: 12

One of the most underrated Anime I’ve seen on MAL. It might seem a bit Ecchi at first, but it really is not. No pantsu zooms whatsoever, if there IS pantsu, then probably so our main heroine can sniff it and fall into coma caused by loss of blood. Also it’s most likely the first serie that brought Lesbianism, and made a gold mine out of  it. In its graphic performance, Maria Holic might resemble Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Don’t know about you, but I personally love the style of swiftly changing scenes with kanji all over. Season two is surely a must-see for everyone who enjoys funny Anime with cute characters and heavily exaggerated humour scenes. To be honest that’s all you need to love it.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san!

Type: TV

Episodes: ? (12 min each)

Another underrated comedy, that I consider a must for any fan of primitive, simple humour in combination with swiftly changing scenes. If you wonder what I mean, it’s similar to Detroit Metal City, although it’s slower than that, they feel alike when it comes to laughing – scenes featuring blood, stabbing, rape etc. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like that? Ah, right.. Curse you, Haruhi fans!

Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei

Type: TV

Episodes: ? (5 min each, lawl)

Not as good as previously mentioned series, but still worth watching. (It’s 5 min, highly recommended to do it while eating, it literally exists for multitasking. Tbh I’d expect some 2min serie soon, to replace toilet magazine time) The comedy itself is exaggerated and abstract, somehow similar to Maria Holic, yet in completely different topic – demons summoning, class humour, criticism etc.  In short: Very short animu about eccentric, clueless teacher who is somehow really fun to watch.

Gintama +

(Not really +, but I wanted to somehow mark the continuation)

Type: TV (Continuation)

Episodes: ?

Aand from an average series going back to the top! Gintama in all of it’s glory proved to be an effective laugh pill. Even more than before, as so far, all of the unnecessary drama stuck between comedy is gone.  It just became something much greater,  it’s literally swarming with parodies, ridiculous side plots, breaking fourth wall and if you ask me – That’s all I love Gintama for. Really nothing more is needed. Fights included. Tbh it looks like they put much more thought into it, it’s really unpredictable and batshit crazy. Please don’t change please don’t change…

Hanasaku Iroha

Type: TV

Episodes: 26

While the other ones were pure comedies, Iroha joins together light drama and just as light comedy. It switches between the two all the time, giving it some kind of mixed feeling. But as everything in the serie suggests, it’s surely going to end well. And frankly, I don’t think anyone cares about Kou-chan. Go suicide bro, our sweet Ohana is not for you to have! In this case, we have very subtle humour. You won’t laugh out loud, but you will certainly smile from time to time to see how main heroine’s rash decisions lead her to lots of complicated situations. Btw. I really love the Opening, it perfectly sums up the serie.

Basically that’s all I can think of for now when it comes to comedies, so yeah, happy times. While I’m being completely optimistic about these shows,  Summer season doesn’t look as promising but meh, we can live with it after that humour overdose. Right? No wai, think I got addicted.

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