Autumn 2011: Anime I’ll be talking about (Part 1)

This season is definitely full of memories, as Persona 4 started coming out and so did Hunter x Hunter(2011). Yet we should not ignore the fact that there IS  some freshness on the horizon, unfortunately mixed up with a bit of ‘the usual treatment’ (so basically girls falling on a guy and pantsu shots).

But worry not! It seems like this autumn won’t be too cold, we might just get enough warmth to last to the Winter, so let’s take a look at my picks of this season:

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I was one of the fortunate people who saw Hunter x Hunter lately and then few weeks later found out that a remake is coming. I couldn’t hold the girlish giggling at this point, which was a manly thing to do at the time. So basically for people who never watched either: Go watch the old one to give some time for the remake to come out. It’s going to take LONG, and sooner or later you will feel the painful brain itch that won’t come off until you see the next episode.

That being said, I’d better explain what it’s all about: Gon Freecs is a young boy who never had a chance to talk to his father as the latter gave up on his upbringing as he chose the unusual profession of a Hunter. Hunters are an elitist group of incredibly skilled people who have access to intel and places that no ordinary people can reach. They had to go through so-called ‘Hunter exam’. It takes place every year but the rumour goes that only one person in every 3 years is capable of passing it. As Gon grows up, he decides to follow his dad’s footsteps and to eventually meet the legendary Ging Freecs. Anime starts when Gon leaves his home island to take the exam, and what happens later on is something you should watch yourself, just a hint: It gets much darker.

I’ve watched three episodes of the remake so far, and I must say, I’m impressed. It’s much more colorful, brighter and the ‘adventurous feeling’ is much more apparent. I’m not really fond of the Opening and Ending sequences, but they surely show two sides of the coin. The only real issue I have with this serie so far, is the switch of Seiyu. Why fix something that’s not broken? I loved voice of Hisoka and Killua, but now everything is different. Gon and Kurapica not only have their lines spoken by females (which is a common thing in Anime when it comes to young boys) but they sound completely girlish. Heck, I’ve read some reviews and someone thought Kurapica was a girl,  so yeah that part went definitely for worse. There are people who dislike the remake for something else too though, they’ve skipped some scenes that are believed to ‘get you closer to the characters’ and that’s true, but as someone who watched the orginal serie I must say I don’t really care. So my solution is: Watch both. The remake is doing a great job so far and I can’t wait to see more.



It took one quick look to realise that it’s similar to Shiki in many ways. Extremelly thin and tall, pale, vampirish-looking  humans? Check.  Mysterious deaths? Check. Weird looking characters who look like friggin’ aliens yet noone notices that? CHECK, CHECK AND CHECK.  But even though it feels similar, it pursued the detictive aspect above the supernatural one, which makes a great gap between the two series.


                                                                      Nothing to see here, humans, move along.

I hated Shiki because it didn’t make much sense and it had a really cheap story, while UN-GO tries to be more logical with the little magical sidekick to it,  just like Gosick. I disliked both of these though, so how come I’m watching UN-GO? Well, it’s a blind shot, it might get interesting but I honestly doubt it and there’s high chance of a drop here, especially because that detective theme is getting repeated too frequently and so far it didn’t turn out good.  And my reason to watch it is totally unrelated to the fact that  I liked the School Food Punishment opening theme.

Persona 4 The Animation

Persona, definitely one of the greatest J-RPGs series that ever hit gaming industry. And it’s mostly thanks to Persona 3 and 4, these two are the must-play titles for every fan of the genre, be it thanks to compelling plot or unique and convincing gameplay that connects daily school life in Japan, where you make friends and develop social links that actually have very significant role in actual fighting, as each friend corresponds to actual type of Personas (Summoned beings fighting against ‘Shadows’), so basically developping friendship with someone of the Magician arcana, increases effectiveness of the Magician-type personas. Both games had the aspect of chosen people who had to fight for greater good and to realise what’s important in life, but I won’t go deeper than that to avoid spoilers, still if you haven’t played it – Expect some awesome twists and cool fights.

Now let’s focus on the actual Anime, P4 The Animation closely follows the game, minus all the choices that you can make while playing. Main character – Narukami Yuu, this time starring as himself not as you or me most likely goes for a route that will show the plot in the most convincing setting. There’s still that emptiness to him though, but that’s to be expected since he was just created as a shell for us to fill, so don’t judge his character if you haven’t played the game. He’s there as himself but essentially it could be anyone, that’s why the Anime creators had to make sure he makes as little choices as possible.

As for the actual plot: Narukami moves in a rural town: Inaba, where mysterious deaths take place. At school there are rumours going on about ‘Midnight channel’, which supposedly shows the person’s hidden self once he or she stares at the TV exactly on midnight. As it turns out, there’s much more to it and it’s all connected to the murders. Characters of the show will enter the ‘TV world’ on a quest to find out who’s the murderer, at the same time fighting against their own feelings and so called ‘Shadows’.

So far the animation is just flawless, I literally love the way they made it, it’s not CGI with awful metallic body parts, but really high quality, swift modern Anime-tion. Music surprises with a mix of the previous tracks known from the game and some fresh themes that fit it just perfectly. As for the plot, it reveals every important scene that happened in the game in much more comfortable setting. Characters came out nicely aswell, I’m surprised how I don’t mind even Yosuke who I just hated while playing, but then again English Dubbing had a lot to do with it. So to sum things up: My favourite of the season, I thought it would be HxH but P4 is simply without cons.

Soon I’ll post more!

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