Autumn 2011: Anime I’ll be talking about (Part 2)

Moving on with the series that caught my eye:


This 13-episode serie, being prequel to Fate/Stay Night (split into two parts, second containing twelve episodes titled ‘Fate/Zero 2‘) is certainly the most popular pick of this season. It took one 40 min.  episode to convince everyone who’s watched its sequel that it’s definitely going to get interesting. How so? Well, starting with the plot..

In the world of Fate/Zero,  the fourth War for The Holy Grail is about to start. It’s goal is simple, seven Magi (basically chosen summoners) have to compete with each other using their servants (aka. Heroic Spirits) for the Holy Grail which supposedly has the strength to cause a miracle. The Church and Magus association (which are on hostile terms with each other) made an agreement that for each war a priest should be chosen to moderate it. Kirei Kotomine, whose father was once a mediator, was picked to take his place in the upcoming war (while being a member of both the organisations). The serie is supposed to reveal the conflict between Kirei and Kiritsugu Emiya (foster father of the main character in FSN) also called ‘The Magus Killer’.

The prequel seems to be much more serious, brutal and overall interesting as the plot is quite complex. I must say, that I’d love FSN if Shirou (Main character) wasn’t an annoying brat. So now that he’s not the MC anymore, I see a bright future past for the ‘Fate’ title. First episode was really convincing thanks to the dark atmosphere and the conspiracy feeling to it. Plus, it seemed like a really good choice to begin by showing the Magi’s invidual reasons to take part in the war. It’s definitely one of these Anime that requiere you to focus in order to fully understand what the hell is going on, after all there’s whole bunch of characters which makes the scenes slightly chaotic. Nevertheless, next to HxH, P4 it definitely goes in the ‘can’t wait to watch’ bucket.

Mirai Nikki

(What’s up with the future diaries..)

TV serie which is going to have 26 episodes is one of the unusual psychological thrillers genre with supernatural motives elegantly cloaked in mystery. So far I’ve watched one episode, which turned out much better than I’d expect. It was quite interesting and certainly intriguing, the plot more or less goes:

Amano Yukiteru is a miserable teenager with no friends. His runaway from the reality is a cellphone that he uses all the time to type some sort of diary in which he describes the daily situations.  In his loneliness, he believes that illusionary friends live in his room: Including Deus Ex Machina’, who turns out to be the God of Time and Space and a host of fierce competition in which Amano is soon forced to take place. Everything starts with a text from Deus that explains in detail what’s going to happen to the main hero during the day. As the story goes on, the boy finds out that he’s not the only person who can see the future and learns that it can be changed with each action they take that doesn’t follow the basic timeline.

Beginning of the Anime was damn confusing, it looked like Amano suicided and the girl who fell in love with him was getting slaughtered, and then.. Poof! Ordinary school anime beginning which soon started to evolve into something wicked. I don’t want to spoil what happens later in the episode as it has its own little twists (some of which I’ve already mentioned). What I like about Mirai Nikki is that the game presented in it follows some reasonable rules, similar to Death Note, which (as I hope) will turn the Anime into a tactical battlefield rather than just an emotional run.

My only issue (apart from the dull main hero) is the quantity of CGI. Not only god but also whole room was horribly animated and hopefully there won’t be much more of that as it ruins the atmosphere quite a bit.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

In other words, what would happen if you dropped Suzumiya Haruhi, Denpa Onna, a random school comedy anime and a whole shitload of lipstick into a pot and mixed it together. It’s the very old scheme, just with some ‘enhancements’ to make it look orginal and fresh. (Pretty much what your supermarket does with expired meat). So what is it about?

Hasegawa Kodaka is a transfer student who accidentally made himself look like a deliquent in front of the class. One day, while passing through the corridor, he heard one of his female classmates talking to air. As it turns out, she also has problem finding friends. Together they get an idea of creating a club, Mikazuki Yozora (the girl) decided to call it ‘Neighbours club’ which would be a regular ‘Friends club’.

Sounds orginal to you? To me it looks like any other club-related Anime except this time everyone openly states he or she wants to make new friends. But considering the comedy part, I don’t mind it that much. But there’s another big, no, HUGE fault here.. Every fucking girl has this terrible lipstick, which to me completely ruins the whole kawaii factor and instead replaces it with wanna-look-mature baddie design, especially because the eyes have this sharp look. It’s making me mad, if this make-up thing infects other Anime then I’ll change my hobby.  But meh, need to see a bit more of it before I decide to drop it. (Which I most likely will)

To be continued.

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